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There is a great little art exhibit currently running at the Japanese Friendship Garden in San Diego's Balboa Park. 50 different artists, working in all sorts of different media, were invited to each produce an artwork of a fish, which would be displayed on a 2' x 2' piece of black matte tile. The tiles are arranged in a grid pattern on the floor of the exhibition pavilion. It's very different, and some of the interpretations are quite creative. Some were so creative that a photograph just could not convey what it was. I only took a few shots of a few of pieces, but the whole thing was great. If you are in San Diego between now and July 15 this is worth stopping in to see.
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I was shooting with my favorite "walking around" set up, the X-Pro2 with the XF23 f2. Velvia Jpg…
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Took this one last night with electronic shutter as experiment…
Location: Apenheul | Apeldoorn | Netherlands
X-H1 | XF100-400 | XF1.4xTC
Ordinary photos and "Dark Animal Portraits"
In the second post of this topic more photos!
Taken today with X-H1 and 16-55 f2.8 Macro
Edit using Alien Skin Exposure X3
My wife did her 100th wild swim with her friend on Friday.
Loughrigg Tarn in the UK's lake District.
X-T2 and 16mm 1.4
Here a few pics from the fourth stage of the Tour de Beauce, a 70 Km criterium in the streets of Québec City.
And here's what Wikipedia says about it:
"Tour de Beauce is a men's elite professional Please login or register to view links multi-day event held each June in the Please login or register to view links region of Please login or register to view links, Please login or register to view links since 1986. It is the oldest stage-race in North America. The Tour de Beauce is a Please login or register to view links (UCI)-rated 2.2 continental circuit Please login or register to view links on the Please login or register to view links."
X-T2 + XF100-400 or XF16-55
Raw, pp in LR Classic + IXT + Nik's
More pics in the replies
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This is San Francisco's newest office building, just finalizing construction.
Image #1: Reflected in a nearby building
Image #2: In the fog, viewed through a safety net
X-T2, 23mm f/1.4
Salesforce Bldg_1.jpg
Salesforce Bldg_2.jpg
Dads 95th 2018 087 Reduced.jpg
Photo of my father and his pastor taken during his 95th birthday celebration. Dad is a WWII purple heart recipient who was seriously wounded by a machine gun ambush in Germany 11 days before the end of the war with Germany. This left him with a lifetime disability and shrapnel throughout his body with some metal particles still being surgically removed as late as six years ago. He gets up every day at 5:00am or sometime earlier and three times per week heads to the church owned gardens where he sponsors and mentors students who participate in a vegetable growing program for their community food banks. Through this program he tutors the young students and works with them in the garden to teach them how to grow their own food. This is a skill that seems to be almost lost to city kids in this day of fast food enterprises. His never ending jokes are as old as he is and we have heard them many times however that’s better then the grumpy attitudes we see from some of his generation who have had less life experiences then he has but seem to complain more. His mind is spooky sharp and despite my best efforts to forget them, he remembers every stupid thing I ever did. One of his jokes which is based on truth is that he and the Christ child have something in common. They were both born in barns. He says that the difference is that Christ got out of the barn after a few days while he (and his 11 siblings) lived in it until he went off to the army during the war. It’s true, a thin wood wall divided the family from the animals who occupied the same structure and the house/barn did not have running water…
Fascinated by these traditional lime-stone huts with their domed roofs in Apulia's Itria Valley. They still serve as residential dwellings or storehouses in the fields, are built without mortar. Traditionally, they could be dismantled immediately when a tax assessment was due, so property taxes could be avoided in the old centuries.
Taken with XT-1 and 60mm /f 2,8, 90mm/f2 and 23/ f 9
Trullo 1.jpg
Trullo 2.jpg
Trullo 3.jpg
I believe my daughter is at the age where it too uncool to smile for dad, even on Father’s Day!
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20180614 003.jpg
Came across these two street photographers hanging out in Rockefeller Center. Taken with my X-30 that I usually have with me…
Xpro 1 still my primary workhorse
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A rare chance to use my Rokkor 58 f1.2 with my X-T2 - much easier to focus when the wife is asleep and the cat is chilling !
Shot wide open at f1.2…
I am not an experienced b&W street photograph, but I am trying to get some experience, these shots were taken yesterday with my new X-T20 + 23mm f2
Taken as Raf so I can edit just in case
What do you say?
In Manchester yesterday to try out a few film cameras. No, it isn't, this is the X-T20 with 27mm.
untitled (92 of 94)-Edit-Edit.jpg
And no.......I didn't. In fact ended up playing with a Leica Q. Result? Grew even more fond of my Fuji. :)
I was rather bored taking out my 90mm f2 on T10 (Pro2 broke down recently haha)
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I have thoroughly enjoyed using 10-24mm f4
X-T2 and XF55-200mm seeing a burning tree in the wind while looking down at the wet grungy underfoot.
Thanks for looking,
X-T2 and XF55-200mm while storm-chasing today.
All I got was this barn, some great pizza and 10 minutes of dime-sized hail bouncing off my car.
Thanks for looking,
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More from the Bloodvein River in Northeastern Manitoba.
Fujifilm X-t1, Fujinon 18-135mm - ISO 200, 18.5mm, f/16, .5 sec (2 image blend.)
Queen Louise's Bridge crosses The Lakes in downtown Copenhagen.
It's a great place for people-watching as folks come and go on foot and bicycle.
They gather, play loud music, strut their stuff and generally have a glorious time.
I arrived early in the evening and stayed late into the night.
Here's an image of a guy occupying a bench and carrying on a lively phone conversation.
X-E1 with 27mm, at f4, 1/40, ISO800.
If you'd like to see more images, please press Read More.
Copenhagen telephone man DSCF5343.jpg sm.jpg
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One from today.
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Dark Animal Portrait
X-H1 | XF100-400
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My Telecaster. X-T20 w 23mmf2.
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X-Pro2, Revuenon 55 f1.2, lensturbo
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Finally some moisture!
X-T2, 90mm f/2
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This is just a candid shot of my youngest son right before he left for his summer job at Yellowstone NP in Wyoming. I'm starting to work with RawTherapee, and this is my first processed image using that software, so this is really just a sandbox photo. There's more to learn, of course, but I can already see that this is a powerful program.
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Dead flies on my window sill. X-M1, 27mm + extension tubes. More dead flies on my window sill in a response to this thread.
Dead Fly - Extension Tube on 27mm - 1.jpg
The tunnel under one of the runways at Heathrow!
X-H1 + 18-55mm @ 1/13 f5.6 ISO3200
Granddaughter with a bit of attitude
Fuji X-T2 xf50mm…
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On a pass at around 12,000 feet in Ladakh, during a solo trek. Ladakh, one of my favorite places on Earth, is a Himalayan region in India on the border with Tibet. Had been there ten years ago, and wow, so much has changed! Went on a four day trek to escape the crowds, and was well worth it. This was early in the season (first half of June). During the peak season (July/August), even the treks get crowded. Over the four days, I only saw about ten other visitors, and was usually the only guest at the village homestays. If you go trekking, make sure that you are well acclimated to the altitude before heading out. Everything is over 10,000 feet. Being a high desert, bringing enough water is essential, along with the ability to filter the occasional stream water (generally drank about a liter an hour). Used a GPS App on my phone, which made route finding much easier.
They are building a year-round access tunnel through the mountains, so if you have thought about going there, I suggest going sooner than later. An amazing place…
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This is my favorite Father's Day photo. It's an old one but it fits the theme well.
Taken with X-H1 with 16-55 f2.8 + Godox TT685F
Edit with Alien Skin Exposure X3
I think I now prefer Alien Skin Exposure to ON1 Photo RAW to edit X-H1 photos. Alien Skin X3 seems to support compressed RAW X-H1 files whereas ON1 Photo RAW does not (upgrade 2018.5 in June may fix this).
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Fuji X-Pro2 + Helios-44-M 58mm F2…
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Fuji X-Pro2 + 23mm F2 WR…
X-T2 and XF55-200mm grabbed while driving home and stuck in traffic yesterday.
Thanks for looking,
A few days in Wales with the VW Camper ... seen on the beach at Aberystwyth today
X-T2 with 16mm 1.4 WR
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Testing a Sigma 180mm 5.6 Macro APO with Minolta MD mount on a Fujifilm X-T1
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