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XT3 vs A7iii IBIS

Discussion in 'Videography' started by pnwhiker, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. pnwhiker

    pnwhiker New Member

    Oct 10, 2018
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    I do mostly landscape+travel stills but I want to get into videography (have zero experience). I'm getting the XT3 and 10-24 OIS and really want the 16-55 non-OIS.

    I'm wondering if OIS is necessity for handheld stationary B-Roll+Slow mo. If so, will it be enough or is should I go with Sony A7III (IBIS)?

    I don't plan to get a gimbal, it is too cumbersome for me.

  2. Fujiphotog

    Fujiphotog Amateur photographer.

    Jan 10, 2015
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    Toronto, Canada

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    The X-H1 has IBIS. I have zero experience with video, but using this camera and the 16-55 was able to get some non-shaky videos.

    The X-T3 is newer and has a few features the X-H1 doesn't have, but for most purposes either camera will do. The X-T3 really shines in faster autofocusing for rapidly moving subjects like birds in flight. (See Dan Hillier's review).
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  3. JimFenner

    JimFenner Premium Member

    Aug 3, 2014
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    I use my 10-24 OIS & X-Pro2 at 10mm for short walk-around clips, and for birds I use my 50-140mm which also has good OIS.

    Software-only stabilization on video from your 16-55 lens might be good enough, it will help if you have mighty steady hands and don't walk while shooting.
    I post-process in Davinci Resolve to apply stabilization. Most people are 100% happy with Davinci Resolve free version (from
    If your PC lacks the grunt to run Davince Resolve then there will be other cheap or free video suites out there that can do the job.

    If you are VLOGging I have no experience in that area.

    You will get better AF from the XT-3 than my X-Pro2 can do. I hope you will be able to leave it on AF-C while rolling.
    With my gear, to prevent AF hunting (in either AF-S or AF-C) I must AF on something - surrounding forest, distant headland - then switch to manual focus, set f8 and leave it

    Good luck
  4. Bud James

    Bud James Premium Member

    Oct 5, 2013
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    SE PA

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    I own the XH1 and the Fuji XF 10-24 lens. After some informal tests, I think that the XH1 IBIS with the lens OIS turned off provides about 1 more stop of latitude than the lens OIS. Of course, if your subject is moving, none of this matters. You will still get blurry images. But for landscapes or night scenes without moving subjects, the IS is great.

    Bud James

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