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  1. jeff.zobaloco
    Good to know that Smallrig keeps up with Fuji new models. Thanks for showing this up. If I may, maybe you can have a top NATO handle on the body where you can still attach your recorder and gain...
  2. Shadowside
    Nice rig @pszilard I want a Small Rig L bracket for my A7R - they do make nice stuff, and very reasonable $. Do they make a shutter mech for off cam (on rig?) like something that would hold a...
  3. pszilard
    My SmallRig cage (#2229) for the X-T3 with Battery Grip arrived yesterday, so I kitted out a test setup. My personal comments below: Another quality item from SmallRig (cheaper to buy it from...
  4. Shadowside
    Beautiful, peaceful image.
  5. Trev
    Love this shot. Fab colours.

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