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This will be my first outing with my new X-H1. We are going to the Terre Haute airshow today. The Navy's Blue Angels will be performing.
My kit includes my X-H1 with grip, the 10-24, 18-55, and 55-200 zooms. My wife will be using her X-T1 with grip and 23, 35, and 50 f/2 primes.
I have the cameras set up to zone tracking and we will be doing a lot of continuous shooting. The X-H1 seems to have quite a few new options in the AF menus.
Any suggestions on settings?…
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Hello everyone!
I had an interest in photography many years ago but didn’t really get to pursue it due to life getting in the way.
Then I had a couple of bleeds on the brain and suddenly you realise that if you keep putting off the things that make you happy because you are busy you will never do them.
I have been lucky enough to get my hands on a Fuji x-h1 and 3 prime lenses (23f1.4, 35f1.4 and 55f1.4).
I did do a photography course many years ago and understand the principles of depth of field, shutter speed, iso etc. However, having an understanding of the principles and putting it into practice are two very different things.
I hoping I can learn from the many skilled people on this forum the ‘art’ of photography and I’m looking forward to the journey.
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resulting in wet dog, very wet...
Aug 17th, Sams g s9+
Arild20180817200539145 copy.jpg
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When I shoot a landscape photo with a foreground object using Focus bracketing on my xt2 I rarely get it to work in Photoshop. After aligning the layers and merging them there is typically a Halo of blur around the foreground object. I think the general advice is to go into the layer masks and try to find a way to paint white on the layer mask to reveal sharpness that is being obscured by the mask. This is sometimes time-consuming and sometimes just plain doesn't work. Anybody have any thoughts? I've tried this in a variety of circumstances with a variety of lenses and a variety of Step sizes and so on…
Does anyone know what film Ekta 100 is supposed emulate? I suspect Ektar 100, but it could be Ektachrome also. Whatever it is I do like using it as a starting point for some images. It has a real clean look, and the colors are not exaggerated. Here is an example.
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i debated about what would be the proper category for this one, and decided General would be most appropriate.
XT-2, 10-40 @ 18mm, ISO 200, f4, 1/85, shot RAW and processed with Luminar.
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XE2 / 14 mm
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A poisonous frog native to northern South America
X-T2, 80mm, f5.6, 1/45", ISO 6400…
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More in the reply.... Sierra RR California. All with X-T1.
DSCF2420-Edit (Medium).jpg
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So I have been enjoying Fujifilm a lot.
Especially with the combo of my XT2 and 16mm.
Now I am looking for a second body and am having a hard time choosing, thus I had to ask
XE3, XH1, 2nd XT2 or wait for XT3?
I like the size factor of the XE3 and it already comes with an external mic port
XH1 larger but has IBIS and also not sue I want to spend 1,600 now
2nd XT2 is probably a great deal due to the price reduction (1,000) - just a bit more than XE3. I already have a vertical power grip for my current XT2 so they would be able to share.
XT3 not sure what to think about it... I do wish it was made in Japan and also I do not buy the very first camera that is released because I like to read reviews etc and then make up my mind
Thanks for any input…
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Specs aside, any opinions about their character and your preferences?…
When I saw the post announcing the new firmware upgrade to the XF18 I realised I'd been neglecting it for a while. I took it on a walk on the east side of Loch Lomond on the path between Balmaha and Rowardennan.
This was between downpours - as my granny used to say 'it wouldn't be so green if it didn't rain'.
X-T2 and 18mm f8 1/250 iso1600
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Walking for ten hrs again, yesterday Aug 17th was a day to forget. But before that enormous thunder hit us, we had some pleasant hours in late summer meadows:
xt2, 10-24.
DSCF2130 copy.jpg
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My wife left this basket of vegetables, from our garden, on the kitchen floor. I decided it needed a picture so snapped several aspects. In looking at them today I noticed the partial sign on the basket. After inspecting the basket more closely I realized it said. "Exposed Film"! We both have no idea where the basket came from. One of life's mysteries.
Exposed Film.jpg
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X70 18.5 mm 6.5 seconds @ f/8 ISO-200
DSCF4189 Dungarvan, Co_edited-2.jpg
Good morning. I recently purchased an X-H1. Incredible, a "monster" of technology and functions, ibis, automatic bluetooth transfer etc. Unfortunately, if you do not have a suitcase full of batteries, in many cases they remain virtual.
It would be a real improvement if they could "invent" a really performing battery.
I understand that big screen, bluethoot, ibis, consume a lot, but if you put them on a camera must also give the opportunity to use them, together and not one at a time otherwise the battery disappears completely…
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X-Pro2, 16 f1.4 @ f11, ISO 200, 1/125s on tripod. Processed with Iridient X-Transformer.
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XE2 / 18-55mm
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A few more in the reply. X-E2, XF18-55.
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My recent first shot at a mirrorless camera was a used xt-1 that turned out to be damaged. I returned it and ran across a dirt cheap deal on an xPro-1 that was like new. I’ve been intrigued by the retro rangefinder design so I picked it up.
Love it so far! Not only is it fun and semi-nostalgic feeling to use, but it produces images so close in quality to my Nikon D750 with the big heavy 14-24 Nikon lens that you have to zoom in and poke around to spot any difference.
Zooming in, I can see the full-frame 24mp Nikon images have a tiny bit more detail and less noise, but that’s to be expected.
I also love the light yet robust feel of the camera, and the fact if you want to use the OVF, you can set it to match the focal length of your current lens. Such a cool feature.
The dynamic range performance and color reproduction beats Canon, Sony, and Nikon (slightly) in my opinion.
Fuji hasn’t really been on my radar over the years but I’m very impressed with them so far. :)
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XE2 / 14 mm
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I took this shot in 1993 using Fuji Neon 1600 film. It's part of the series from my forthcoming (I hope) book. More Please login or register to view links.
Ive been into photography and videography for a long time now but never really took the time to learn or thought that I would be able to make money with it. I’ve become inspired and have found a passion for it. I just recently picked up a Fujifilm XH1, 16-55mm f2.8, and 35mm f2 lens. Can’t wait to learn more and start creating some dope ass content!…
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There have been a couple of references in recent threads on the FujiX-Forum to 'Polaroids' - both about the awful little color ones. But long before there were color ones, my family bought a Polaroid Land Camera that made only black & white prints. I don't remember the exact model, but as I recall, it looked a lot like this one:
This was a remarkable purchase for our family, as they were rather expensive, and back then, my family did not waste money on expensive toys.
While making a book about our family's history, I scanned some of the Polaroid snaps taken by my father in the 1950s-1960s and I was amazed at the quality. Always in focus, always nicely exposed, no grain, and a very nice range of soft and subtle tones. [Not very often will you hear me bragging up b&w, so pay attention!]
I would hate for Dr. Land's legacy to become a synonym for crappy photos, so I'd like to show a few of the earlier ones here. (more in the reply)
Photo shot with:
Fuji x-T1
XF 23mm f2 @f13 (ISO 1600) 1/60th sec
Godox V860 II flash
Canon 24mm 2.jpg
Adapted Canon FD 24mm f2.8 SSC on Fuji X-H1
K&F Concept FD-FX adapter
Photo by Geoff Smith
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Our kind of blueberries are smaller :)
You need to get close. They are incredible tasty and sweet!
xt2, 10-24@24, 1/80, f8. Today, Aug. 17.
DSCF2191 copy.jpg
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My iPhone 6+ pic of a piece of Chicago style deep dish pizza.
My stock sale of this pic was featured on the Stockimo Twitter feed yesterday.
Stockimo is an iPhone (only) app based stock agency based in the UK and affiliated with the Alamy stock photo agency.
The pic sold for $250 about three months ago and netted me $100 (40%).
It was processed on my iPhone in Snapseed at the restaurant :cool:.
Thanks for looking,
Adjusted in Lightroom, Photoshop and NIK Viveza.
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Large White Female Butterfly taken on the allotments, taken with a XT10 and 55-200.
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Just got my X-T2 back from Fuji repair, but they did a system reset and all my in-camera shooting menu settings (e.g. highlight, shadow, NR, sharpness, color) are back to zero.
Can anyone suggest what settings might be best for landscapes, nature (e.g. flowers) and portraits?
Next time I will be sure to create custom settings banks!…
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Ya see, I’ve had this itch for several months now and I have convinced myself that I really need to try out the mu4/3 field. This doesn't mean I don’t like my Fuji gear anymore, far from it. But I have this itch to try another system, which needs to be scratched. Had to sell off three premium lenses to fund the experiment but I wasn’t using them very much at all, so off they went to the great PX emporium in the sky.
Brand new G9 + Panasonic Leica 12-60mm 2.8-4 arrived this morning, initial impressions are good. But it will take me ages to get familiar, with all the strange new buttons and menu options to get to grips with! Smaller than the illustrations would have you believe, smaller than the Fujifilm X-H1 by about a centimetre. I have smallish hands but the camera seems to fit them quite nicely, good oh. The Leica 12-60mm feels smooth and not at all sloppy. The camera and lens feels that they go well together, and they are fast.
I thought the X-H1 shutter was quite sensitive to the touch, but the G9 is even more sensitive, I suspect it will take me a while to get accustomed to its action, until then I need to learn to use B.B.Focusing. I’m impressed with the quality of both body & lens, the combination of the Leica lens and Panasonic body doesn’t feel heavy.
More comments to follow as I grow into the camera!…
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After several days of vigorous hiking with a backpack full of camera gear in Newfoundland I wanted a day off. I sat down in a comfy armchair on the deck of our rented cabin, mere feet from the ocean shore, expecting soon to doze off. Then I noticed this iceberg in the distance, ran inside and grabbed my Fuji 100-400 lens and X-H1. Then sat down in the armchair again. Just then a few minke whales swam by, followed closely by a swarm of gulls, excited by the fishing opportunity, so the action began.
These photos had to be extensively cropped and processed. There was also a lot of haze, which even the dehaze filter could not eliminate.
The whales stir up the fish, causing them to swim towards the surface. The gulls have long recognized that surfacing whales = food for gulls. The gulls leave their resting places on the rugged cliffs to catch fish surfacing near the whales.
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