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Starting in Chama, New Mexico with an elevation of 7,871 feet, New Mexico/Colorado Route 17 climbs to an elevation of 10,022 feet at Cumbres Pass on it’s way to Antonito, Colorado elevation 7,890 feet where it ends after a total distance of about 48 miles. Along the way this route winds through several pine and Aspen tree covered mountains, crosses or runs parallel to several rivers, and for about 20 miles provides vantage points from which to observe and photograph the Cumbres and Toltec scenic steam powered railroad as it plies it’s way through the scenery on it’s way from Chama to Antonito. We recently had a one day adventure aboard our motorcycle on this scenic route.
All shots Fuji X-T2, 18-55mm lens.
Chama 320.jpg
Chama 361.jpg
Chama 367.jpg
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X-T2 | XF 55-200mm
White Rock Beach, BC
Incoming snow storm
White Rock.jpg
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Just a bit of fun really - this is the Hampshire Downs at Stoughton - a four image stitch-up
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a6000 and FE 28/2…
Had a superb walk along the Hampshire Downs today - brilliant sunshine, blue sky, lovely scenery and a good pub at the end - what more could you ask for!
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The Beech trees aren't at their best yet as the weather here is very mild - but still, they're quite colourful
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Stoughton village (and pub) in the distance…
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"99 red balloons"
Agra, India 2018

Fuji X-T2 + XF23mm f2 R WR
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Yet another due oil change, that I decided to try the top of the top oil for (and boooooy can you feel a real difference in response with this stuff!), rotated the wheels, and lastly put in better and new brake pads so I'll know their life from day one vs whatever previous owner had never changed (and those were halfway down).
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Across the back alley in the garden at a retirement home (Canon 7DMII + Sigma 150-600 C)
_36A0340_DxOCopyright Douglas Chisholm-Edit.jpg
Honey, we need to talk...
It seems like you are spending too much time on the camera forum lately!
Canon 7D, 100-400
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the X-T1 intervalometer menu is blanked out grey and displays a yellow 5D or 50 at the right hand side of menu
The camera is set in full A mode for single frame and is NOT in bulb mode
I have also tried in manual mode but no go
What am my missing to be able to use the intervalometer
Thanks much in advance
Autumn makes its entry through the window of an abandoned house
herfst door het raam van een verlaten woning.jpg
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Using XT-20 + 18-55mm processed in LR6.
Road to Blue John Cavern and trail to Mam Tor
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I found what seems to be different versions of this lens, at least in size (both X-mount, but that's not the point). I´m confused
One picture (vertical) is from an used item and the other form the B&H site. The used one seems to be larger.
Am I wrong?
rokinon II.jpg
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I want to shoot Raw & Jpeg+ACROS. When I setup like this my viewfinder is in B&W. Is there any way to have the viewfinder in color when shooting with this combo?
Many thanks!…
Rally for murdered Israeli hero, Ari Fuld. More Please login or register to view links.
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She was just curled up on a grass patch. I sat the camera on a low wall barely 2 metres away. Got 3 shots, this plus two others as she buried her nose back under her tail and went back to sleep.
X-T1 with XF 18 - 55 and Nissin flash. To say it was a snatched shot, it came out well.
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Walmart NJ USA (17 Oct 2018, X-T1, 23 f/1.4)
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I'm loving my new X-Pro2, but am left-eyed. This makes the finder kind of dim in bright sunlight.
There's a perfect (maybe) solution here:

It's for the XT series.
Can anyone tell me if the eyecups are interchangeable between the X-Pro and XT cameras?
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XT3 and XF16-55mm in a nearby creek earlier this week.
Thanks for looking,
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I took a chance on a brand new Rokinon 16mm f2 in Fuji X mount from Amazon. Price was $201.21. Thought why not. I have tried other Rokinons: the 135mm which is exquisite and the 12mm that just didn't work for me. I am aware of a lot of lens options for Fuji X, but had never seen anyone reference the Rokinon/Samyang 16mm.
Best value I ever spent on any lens of any cost. The results are very like the Fuji 16mm, without auto focus. Image below only to show wide open sharpness and bokeh possibilities in a very not well lit indoor room. Very close focus, maybe around 6", like the Fuji. I am so thoroughly happy with this lens. It is a fairly large. A bit larger than the Fuji. The price was crazy for new from Amazon. Worth a look if you enjoy manual focus and want what the Fuji 16mm offers.
Rokinon 16mm f2 Fuji X.jpg
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I am considering subscribing to the Adobe CC with lightroom and photoshop, but I have a question.
I spend a lot of time traveling for work, and most of my family live out in the boonies, both situations where wifi might not be available.
Is it possible to use the adobe programs when one does not have wifi? I understand i may not have access to photos I've saved to the cloud, but for instance, if I import photos from my camera to my iPad, will lightroom's editing functions be usable?
Thanks for any advice,
Just a simple snap taken at Folkestone Kent UK of some small boats moored in the outer harbour in the evening light. In the distance you can see the French coastline. The model house you can see in the snap is all to do with the Folkestone Triennial.
X-T2, 35mm F1.4 Lens, 1/1250th @ F5.6, ISO-200, Tripod.
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Thank you for looking.,
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I have a MOBI card that works great to wireless transfer images from my XT-20 to my Mac. I use the Keenai software to make the connection. Changes are coming to Keenai, and I don't know how much longer it will work. My studio and office are next to each other. I set up and shoot in the studio, then I head to my Mac in my office to review the images. The transfer is automatic. Nice!
I wish that Fuji had a way to do this. My camera has WiFi, but it is so poorly implemented. I do use the Fujifilm Cam Remote app on my iPad to remotely control the camera. It works, but if you've used it you know there are a lot of steps required to get it connected. Worse is if I want to review the camera images on the iPad after I have used the camera remote control I have to disconnect from the WiFi, reconnect to the WiFi, review the images, disconnect from the WiFi, reconnect to the WiFi, use the camera remote again. Yikes, it can't be made any harder!
I did try a Toshiba WiFi SD card, and it does work, but it too is difficult to connect. The MOBI card with the Keenai software is the best. I do nothing more than shoot the images and they just transfer. That's what I want. Has anyone else found a decent solution to this assuming the Keenai software does go away?…
Hi All,
Does anyone have a recommendation for an underwater housing for the XT2? I’ve been looking around and most of the options are expensive, so I wanted to get some opinions before I pulled the trigger.
Is an extension tube available to put on the fuji 80 mm macro lens? If so, does it have electrical contacts? I know little about the subject so I am not even sure if an extension tube for the 80 mm macro lens makes any sense…
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Looking down View Street with its cherry trees toward the inner harbour with the high Victorian Gothic mass of St. Andrew's Roman Catholic Cathedral to the centre right. (Canon 7D + Tokina 11-16mm lens)
I'm considering an X-T3 partly for its video capability. I'd like to understand what options I have to refocus while videoing. I'd like to have the camera in AF-S or M mode and either touch the screen to refocus or use the AF-On button. The manual seems to suggest that this is possible, where it says on page 54:
. While the video is in progress you can:
- press the shutter button half-way,
- press a function button to which AF-On is assigned,
- use the touch screen controls
Which suggests that I would be able to do what I want. But the DPReview commentary on the video aspects says:
"The X-T3's video autofocus is essentially a simplified version of its stills system. The only option is continuous AF and you have the choice of the camera selecting the subject or you manually selecting from 91 AF areas spread across the frame. Face Detection works on top of this ..."
Which suggests otherwise. Perhaps the key term here is the auto in autofocus and this comment is clumsy in being incomplete. Would someone be able to confirm that the manual is indeed correct please?
Hi all
Yesterday I received my Fuji X-T1 and took it out for a wee shoot just to see how I got on with it, I was using it with a K&F Concept M42 to FX adapter and an Asahi Pentax Super Multi Coated 55mm F/1.8.
The first thing it is tiny but solidly built, the layout is good but the ISO dial is a pain, each time I move the ISO it also moved the switch underneath, also had some minor problems with the shutter speed dial as well but they were few and far between. Of course, these things may have been sorted out on the X-T2/X-T3. Another thing is the rear screen only tilts and can't be turned and have the glass put away to protect it also when an Arca Swiss plate is mounted onto the camera the rear screen cant open but I believe when the MHG-XT grip is fitted then that problem will be solved. Battery life is not so good but some extra batteries are needed I think but will look at aftermarket ones from Duracell as originals are expensive.
So many menus and things to set up but I persevered and started to find my way around the camera, its all a big learning curve but it will be worth it once I have figured it all out.
Now using the manual lens on the X-T1 is causing me some grief regarding blurry images but that is me as I can't stay still and always move when taking a pic, okay I do get some good shots but think that was luck really. So instead of relying on the 55mm F/1.8, I have bought a Fuji 16-50mm from fleabay so it should be with me soon. Have heard it is a very good lens despite it being made of plastic but it will do for now until I get to grips fully with the X-T1
Have also ordered the Fuji MHG-XT Large grip to help with comfort as I have large hands and at the moment it feels uncomfortable to hold, also ordered an RR-90 remote cable release.
Overall I do like the X-T1, its small, solidly built, set out like an old 35mm film camera, nice LCD rear screen, big bright viewfinder which I love and the film simulations. As time goes on no doubt I will fall in love with other things with the X-T1.
Also, I decided to go back to college and pursue my love for photography so at the moment I am doing my HNC in Photography having completed my NC last year, if all goes well this term I am hoping to be on the HND course after that but still deciding whether to pursue a Degree after the HND as photography is a hobby for me, well for now it is but things do change.
Oh and I am the oldest in class, again lol
Can anyone think of a way to shoot a 60 day time lapse? I want to capture the disassembly and reassembly of an aircraft during an annual servicing. I won't be there for 2 weeks so I cannot start the camera off manually each day. I'd like to set up and forget. Aren't the Fuji's limited to 24 hours? and I'd prefer to shoot with the X-T20…
I’d like to upgrade from my fullly manual Yongnuo to a Godox V860 so I can shoot faster than 1/250 and take advantage of some TTL metering. The metering is the big one I’m after.
Has anyone tried this flash on their X-T3?
Walkstool – portable stool. I’ve had 4 surgeries on my right hip, which does cause me to use a cane on long walks/hiking. Most of my photography is event photography, and I get along fine without the cane. For longer hikes and outdoor events, such as photographing bicycle races, I’ll use the cane, but after a while I’m in a lot of pain from standing so long.
In a couple of days I’m headed to Acadia National Park for a week long photography trip. I’m going with 3 other photographers, one who has been there 5 times, and has an extensive detailed plan on where to shoot, depending on weather and the light. Of course, I do not want to hold them back, and I’ll be fine walking, but worry about being able to stand for long periods of time at the tripod. So I was looking for a lightweight stool to use, and I came across the ‘Walkstool’ on B&H Photo. I ordered one, and I think it’s going to be ideal for those times that I need to rest. It folds up small .. around 18 inches … and weighs less than 2 pounds. The one I have extends to 26 inches, which is perfect for me (my big butt fits fine). Even with this stool, my tripod, and backpack, I’ll be carrying less weight that the other 3 full frame canon shooters
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