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Hi Xe1 old now but great... Anyone done a 6D canon FF comparison at different iso's you could show me?…
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Used my recently bought X T20 on Sunday in the Lake District
Shot over 100 shots in RAW & JPEG mostly in a aperture priority mode with auto Iso set.
When downloading from the SD card Today I noticed 30 shots were just in JPEG mostly the ones later in the day as the light was reducing.
Are RAW files omitted when the auto ISO is high?
I noticed from the data that some shot on auto ISO F16 are as high as 32000 ISO
I handed the camera to my wife to take a couple of shots with the camera set to full auto at the same time and they were shot at ISO 400 both RAW and JPEG being present…
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Field of yellow - a natural light portrait taken in Alberta!
At this time of year we get beautiful sunsets and have large fields of golden canola.
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Zain is our 3/4 Pyrenees 1/4 Lab hiking partner/bush dog.
These are from our summer holiday trip on our boat from Kitimat on BC's north coast (Canada) to Pruth Bay, Calvert Island, on BC's central coast. We call Zain "The Beach Master" because when we take the dinghy to shore and he's completely relaxed, we know there are no bears around.
Not sure if this will work...
X-E1, 18-55
Zain, Khutze Inlet beach.jpg
Zain, Rescue Bay.jpg
Zain in lake, Calvert Island.jpg
Zain, 7th Beach, Calvert Island (1).jpg
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For the next 23 hours.
Just sayin'…
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Fell in love with Fuji when X100 came out, then decided I liked the colors so much i would try the real Fuji film. Did so for two years. But while shooting film makes one very patient and deliberate about getting the right shot I found I was not improving my skills by making more photos and learning the craft by trial and error. So back I am using Fuji digital. Best decision for this always learning hobbyist. Cheers!…
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There is an app called Waterlogue. It's a lot of fun transforming my iPhone pictures into watercolors. I do it on my iPad. This image is from a pot of flowers from last summer. I like it because I used to paint watercolors. This is easier! Sorry to digress from basic photographs…
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Hello All. Did a little write up of my experiences using the GFX. Some info on Adapted lenses as well. Maybe it will help a few out to see what different lenses render like. Sample images. Check it out if you like.
Thanks all.
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We were testing the X-Pro2 and the X-T2 while on vacation at the beach. My son Karl and grandson Levi were sitting around the dining room table discussing the cameras and took these.
Different focus point. I love how easy it is to change using the joy stick.
Karl and Levi.jpg
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Here's Francis. I took her with the rented X-E2s with my 90mm Summicron. f2.0 @ 1/60
Pepper with the same setup.
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Been meaning to get around to trying out the Techart Pro LM-EA7 II and finally pulled the trigger recently.
It arrived this morning along with an M42 screw mount to Leica M converter.
So far, you can color me impressed. The AF speed and accuracy of the Helios 58mm mounted on the Sony A9 is almost unreal. I was not expecting for it to be able to perform in this fashion at all.
I have a closet full of other screw mount oldies but goodies that I am now looking even more forward to trying.
All I can say is, I wish I could have something like this in XF mount at some point.
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Apparently it's not only people that sit on fences. So do pumpkins!
Sitting on the fence.jpg
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Using "Expose to the Right" technique is very handy for landscape photography and can really improve image quality, especially shadow recovery. So far so good.
To do it precisely, a RAW histogram would be very useful (the histogram which currently is displayed is the histogram of the selected film simulation and therefore depends on the tweaking this simulation is using).
Further this could be automated, e.g. by pushing a button the camera would automatically expose, such that the pixel of the RAW file with the maximum intensity is perfectly exposed (i.e. fully exposed but not overexposed). This could further increase image quality.
Your thoughts and contributions are welcome!…
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I like my silver XE-2 very much. It’s all the camera I really need. Hopefully it has plenty of mileage left because it is well looked after and I am a fairly occasional photographer. But I know it won't last forever. There are faded buttons and scuffs already. And the wife increasingly frequently borrows it for her product photography. I am starting to seriously think about obtaining a replacement/backup.
The next one will be black instead, but that is all I have decided.
I do not have bad “gear acquisition syndrome”. If I could, I would buy another new or refurbished black XE-2. I keep visiting the Fuji Refurb shop to check their stock but all they have are silver XE-2s’s. They do a refurb black 18-55 kit, but I already own that lens and would probably lose money by immediately selling it.
I have considered the XTs, but it would have to be the XT-2 and that is too steep. Plus, I like the rangefinder style. And as for the new XE-3… well the trouble is, I have no wish for a touchscreen, auto switch, joystick, more pixels, 4K video, etc etc.
And then I thought... X100T. Available in Black. Beautiful. OVF. A bit like my old Olympus 35mm film compact. A few more quid but what the hell. I am tempted.
Logically I should of course buy an interchangeable body ready for when the E-2 dies or is permanently sacrificed to SWMBO. But which?
I've never asked before, please, what would you suggest?…
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Presently traveling in France. New to in-camera raw poocessing, and never posted from my phone before now. May not be worth the aggravation, but I'll give it a try.
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Hi! I am on the cusp of buying Fujifilm X100F for my trip to Israel early next year. Can anyone tell me if the charger and/or camera (with battery installed, charging by USB) is dual voltage? I'm guessing it probably is, but would love a confirmation. Can't find anything on Fuji's website. Many thanks!…
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Hi my name is Tom and I'm new here , today my first Fuji camera will arrive X100F I can't wait too get my hands on this baby…
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Two lovely novice monks walking in Yangon city, Myanmar. Also women can be novice monks and then become monks in Myanmar. They must wear pink bhikkhu or habit to differentiate between sex.
Equipment: Fujifilm XT-2 + Fuji XF16mm f1.4
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Rockabilly is more than a type of music, for many folks it is a lifestyle combining elements of the 1940-1950’s with current trends.
Sporting their Rockabilly looks are three young ladies who made an appearance at a vintage motorcycle show this weekend. The girl on the right is a professional welder who specializes in restoring old cars. She is currently working on a 1954 Chevy. She also dabbles in photography and has done some vintage car shoots for magazines. She also occasionally models with vintage cars. ( All photo's Fuji X-E1 and 18-55mm lens.)
Go AZ Motorcycle Show 066 Reduced.jpg
Here’s a few shots of the local Rockabilly band enlisted for this event. Note the period correct looking microphones, hair styles and general look. In an attempt to get the traditional Rockabilly sound many of these bands seek out vintage tube type, pre solid state electronics, amplifiers from Fender.
Go AZ Motorcycle Show 024.jpg
Go AZ Motorcycle Show 133.jpg
If you are wondering what Rockabilly music is think of early Johnny Cash’s song “Please login to view links” or Carl Perkins “Please login to view links”. Railroad historians have drawn comparisons between the beat of Rockabilly music and the cadence of a steam locomotive running at moderate speeds. Though they are a bit "over the top", for a more contemporary rendition of Rockabilly check out this video of the Please login to view links. While the song lyrics are simple in these songs, unlike some of the music produced today at least the lyrics can be understood. These bands usually feature a strong guitar player playing a hollow body, and if they can afford one a vintage Gibson or Gretsch, electric guitar, stand up bass employing the "slap method" common to rockabilly and a drummer. It has often been said that Rockabilly is "rock and roll" music in it's purest form…
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in 2015 I was shooting a total of 3 systems regularly, and owned I think 5-6 different mounts. When we were moving, the wife decided she wanted fancy countertops and other junk for the house so I decided to sell off a bunch, and then other crap came up, so I sold off some more. I was left with some film Pentax (LX/645), and my Nikon full frame system, not to mention Profoto lights. It pained me so much, but because my Fuji system was fairly new and there wasn't much on Kijiji I figured it would sell fast, and it did! For pretty close what I bought it for.
Since then... I've been whining and complaining I only take photos for money now. My Nikon never came out of the bag to take photos of our family or our little boy. My LX did, but I'm too lazy to shoot film all the time. So I sold my last digital Pentax system and just picked up a used XT1 and 35mm f2.0. I'm so happy. The Fuji is arguably the most enjoyable camera to shoot with!
But now I see Profoto is coming out with a trigger for Fuji! Now I'm thinking, lets sell all the Nikon stuff and buy a pair of X-T2's, grips, and some lenses (the f2.8 trinity, 56mm f1.2). I've made a comparison list... I primarily shoot weddings, maternity, families, and studio portraits. But I also get hired to do various events (music, corporate, etc) that I'm a jack of all trades. Lighting is a huge part of my style, such that my current bag contains: D810, 70-200mm f2.8, 24-70mm f2.8, 50mm f1.4, 135mm f2.0, and Profoto B1. Not including my secondary kit hardcase which is full of various primes.
So Pro's and Cons that I have figured out:
Nikon Advantages:
- resolution. I'm often doing larger prints and the higher resolution is a nice buffer
- auto-focus reliability. At least with the XT-1 I've found the fuji a little more challenged in low light
- ISO sensitivity range. I do a lot of in studio work and sometimes I want to kill the light. iso 64 has been very nice to have
- optical viewfinder. less stressful on the eyes on long shooting days. My last event I shot with the XT1 was 4 hours of nearly constant shooting and I had a headache by the end of it caused by eye strain.
- Can walk into most camera stores and rent a lens if I need to/almost everything is always stocked
- Battery life. I can forget to charge up and still be fine for a full weekend+ of shooting.
- control layout. much faster to change settings on the fly
Fuji Advantages:
- size and weight. nothing says back pain like hauling your Nikon/lighting kit all over the place for 8 hours
- auto-focus spread. more points, more targets to lineup your focus point right where you need it for the composition in question
- RAW files. The RAW's are so much easier to work with, in fact I need to do very little work with them to get the colors I want
- Electronic viewfinder. seeing the exposure and the scene how the camera see's it is a huge advantage during weddings. Especially when you forget your shooting glasses (I normally wear transitions).
- tilty screen. I wish I had this for my previous two weddings when I was trying to get a neat top down perspective and my stool was in the car a mile away.
- smaller resolution. nice on my computer for both processing time and hard drive space.
- dual card slots are both SD. any idea how annoying it is to have two different slots? and CF's are not as readily available anymore.
- control layout. forces one to slow down and think a bit more. more fluid in general when setup properly
As you can see, I'm torn on some of the advantages... control layout being key.
So... how does the X-T2 handle events and weddings? Like a champ? or for those previously shooting DSLR's like the D810 do you miss things?…
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I've been using my 50-230 on my XP-1 for some time and last week the composition frame line started turning red at 70mm and above instead of green. It does it with both viewfinders and I've made no changes to the camera settings except ISO and film type selection. It does not happen with any other lens including the 100-400. Any ideas on what's happening?…
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Paprazzi in Pizzo, Calabria, Italy…
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Haven't shared in a while. I hope this is the right thread. I can't seem to find a GFX photo thread. But if the admins feel my post should be moved, please do so.
Shot this at the docks where the historic Belle of Louisville is, with the GFX 50s + 110/2 combo using AD200 in HSS with some shadow and highlight recovery as well as skin tone smoothening done in post.
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Hi guys and gals, I just picked up a XT-2 with a 18-55mm f2.8-4 lens in a kit. I know nothing about this lens as I already have the 16-55mm f2.8. Is it sharp? If it is I'll keep it as a spare, my question is about its quality, is it as good as the 16-55 and if you had it would you keep it or sell it?
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Inside La LOBA - Aurélie Pedron
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It's been a wet 48 hours here and this poor spider has a waterlogged web.
Taken with the X-T1 and 50-230 with the Raynox 250 on the lens
spider 3.jpg
The wider web - wait, no isn't that something else?
pearls 1.jpg
pearls 2.jpg
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Just a simple shot taken at Folkestone Kent UK of a couple of Fishing Boats in the Harbour waiting for the tide.
X-T1, 18-55mm Lens, 1/1700th @ F5.6, ISO-200, Handheld.
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Thank you for looking.,
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I've noticed this effect recently on 2 P&S cameras from 2 different manufacturers. Both hadn't been used for years and when I took some pics with them they both produced this strange magenta mess as seen below, the pics will often still show a general likeness of the subject so it is still trying to capture the scene but something is not right. Does anyone know why this happens?
Pic below was taken with an 8mp Olympus u850SW
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I took my X-T10 & XF 35 f2 to the hospital to grab some shots of my newborn daughter. It's the first time I've consistently shot above ISO 2000. I'm really happy with the results. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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Pretty new X-E1 owner here -
The options for high ISO are greyed out. I can't seem to figure out how to enable them. Does anyone know? I'm using manual lenses if it matters. Thanks!
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The clouds have finally come back and I was able to get some photos of a plant in a neighbors front yard.
I love succulents!
Suculents Horizonal 2017.jpg
Succuents Beaverton 2017.jpg
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Photographed at a Vintage Motorcycle show here in town today.
Fuji X-E1, ISO 200, 1/105 ss, aperture priority, +0.7 Exposure compensation,18-55mm lens f6.4 at 55mm Bright harsh late morning sunlight.
Go AZ Motorcycle Show 105-Edit.jpg
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