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In a different thread on this forum the subject of what software capabilities remained if a photographer canceled their Lightroom Classic CC subscription.
Here are two links. One is an Adobe page way back in 2014, and the other a March 2018 answer to a reader by respected photo processing tech tips writer Tim Grey. Both of these sources tell us that if you decide to cancel a subscription relationship with Adobe you, the user, can still use the Library, Print, Book, Slidehow. No Map. No Develop. You *can*, I read, add metadata. You get no further updates, so if a new capture format you want to use (like the XT-3) requires a new de-mosaicing source you will have to have an alternative. Iridient might still work as a plug-in, for example.
DAM Still Functions?
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Trying to learn how to use Alien Skin and applied some of the effects to this 1930's vintage Plymouth I shot at a local car show.
PlymouthSept Car ShowKuna.jpg
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Just messing about on a rainy Sunday :)
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Last weekend I shot a lot with the 100-400 and the 1.4 TC. Especially at 560 I have noticed that sharpness is not that great. I seem to get better results without TC and cropping instead. Focus seems also a little slower.
What's your opinion? Do you think the TC gives an advantage?…
This is a pretty good demo video of an actual shutter mechanism and the difference between mechanical and electronic and combo options ...
Shot tonight with my XPro1 and Rokinon 8mm fisheye.
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I have been trying to get all my battery chargers organized. This is what I came up with. I know I searched for ideas on the internet and did not find many. Maybe this will help folks that are trying to do the same.
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Some shots from the Open House London architecture event this weekend:
1. Two Temple Place, a stained glass window in William Waldorf Astor's house on the Embankment (Please login or register to view links)
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2. The ceiling of the Banqueting House. The last remaining part of the Palace of Whitehall, built in 1622, and site of the execution of Charles 1
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But these images may or may not be shown in that order. One image was made with the X-E3 and the XF80; the other was made with the X-T2 and the XF100-400 at focal length 400. I’ll give the particulars later, but which do you think is which? Both are handheld, autofocus, SOOC jpeg (fine), Provia, auto DR and WB, with everything else at zero (shadows, highlights, etc.). Unedited, uncropped. Unprocessed here, they are a bit dullish because I was in bright direct sunlight and was exposing to preserve highlights on the brightest flower petals. There is plenty to work with in post to create edits with better brightness, sharpness, and “pop.” So… over to you. Which is which?
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Howdy everyone.
The subject line says it all. I have scrimped and saved and now the camera will be arriving next week!
My immediate question is that I did not get a memory card as I am a little confused as to what people here like - I wont be doing much, if any video - just looking for speed and storage capacity.
Wondering what the experts say -
Thanks in advnce,…
Found myself marshalling at our local triathlon, so pocketed perhaps the worst combination for sports (? discuss...) of the X-M1 and the brilliant, but not exactly sports-shooting-friendly, 27mm...
It didn't do too badly, though between the downpours the quality of light didn't help...
The Glasgow Tri Club competitors were a cheery bunch!
Triathlon - 12.jpg
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I recently took in an exhibit of sculpture by Patricia Piccinini in the appropriately named Patricia Hotel here in Vancouver.
She creates hyper-realistic transgenic (part human, part something else) figures. They run the range of normal looking humans, to the stuff of nightmares. Each though, somehow conveys a sense of tenderness, even love.
A unique feature of the exhibit is that it is presented not in a gallery, but in 17 rooms of this budget hotel in the Downtown East Side of Vancouver. The figures appear as if they are guests in the rooms, on the beds, and among the regular furniture and fixtures of a regular hotel. Through the windows, regular city life can be seen.
In this 1st photo, I got lucky when a beam of sunlight illuminated the girl on the bed, and allowed a proper exposure outside, of those two hand-holding security guards across the street.
The Comforter.jpg
#1 "The Comforter"…
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XT1 F4.8 at 1/180 ISO 320, 55-200 lens at 200mm
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The trail follows the East Fork of the Jemez River through a lush canyon full of magnificent tall trees (ponderosa pine, douglas fir, blue spruce), incredible rock formations, willows, shrubs, and some wildflowers.
The shady areas have lots of lichens and mosses, adding to the magical feeling of walking through an enchanted forest.
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We had around 11-15 centimetres of snow yesterday. It's melting now. Photographing fallen leaves in snow is one of my favourite things to do in the winter. You seldom get everthing in focus unless you photo stack (which I seldom do). :)
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Mandrill Portraits
X-H1 | XF100-400
2x2 photos
1 Dark Animal Portrait (young male)
2 He is the boss
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Wondering if anyone else has experienced this with any of their Fuji lenses with an aperture ring:
As I was shooting yesterday I noticed that even though my lens was set to 2.8, the actual photos had their apertures varying widely driving the ISO up.
After noticing I could turn the aperture ring away from 2.8 and back and it would be fine for the next few shots.
Problem is sporadic and inconsistent. I did recently switch to and X-H1, and never noticed previously on my X-PRO2 or X-t1. Unfortunately have sold both and cannot test.
I tested with a few other lenses and don't seem to have the problem which makes me think it is the 16-55. Regardless not sure what would cause such a thing? Thoughts?…
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The 35mm is without doubt my favourite personal single focal length !
I would in fact bet it is the single most preferred focal length in existence.
I was just messing about in the garden, taking pics for the hell of it. As usual I fitted the 35mm.
It got me thinking... The X100 X100F ect ect ect Soooo many choices in this most popular focal length.
I hope this thread is popular and long lasting.
Please quote Camera or camera + lens when posting !
If I had planned to do this, I would have made a better job lol
but to kick it off...
Nikon D4s with tamron 35mm F1.8
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I ran across this video recommending 24mm on full frame (16mm on Fuji) as a portrait lens because it is more "authentic."

What do you think?…
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There was an 'issue' on the X-T2 where engaging Flicker Reduction impacted on Framerate. It appears that this has carried over to the X-T3. When Flicker Reduction mode is on the 11fps Framerate in CH mode drops to around 8-9fps.
Can be found under 'Shooting Setting' -> Flicker Reduction
Flicker Reduction:
• Enabling flicker reduction disables the electronic shutter and increases the time needed to record pictures.
• Flicker reduction is not available during movie recording.
Accidentally discover an "unlock" to dehaze function in Lightroom via lightroom 6 standalone.
Story goes like, I recently purchased a behringer midi board with physical dials.. following online resources (midi2LR) to map the keys to LR6 functions, came to found out that when the dials are mapped, I can control dehaze via the dial (even thought the UI is disabled).. awesome…
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I find that the Pop colour and other advanced filters are too extreme. Is there a way to tone down its effect in camera in Fuji X-10 or in computer as we adjust opacity in Photoshop…
I have a large set of photos of students.I need to crop out Mug shots from these pictures for creating ID cards.Is there a software solution that can do this for me?…
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Fuji X-T20 with 18-55mm kit lens. We got in a few swings of the golf club in between poses.
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Disassembled Fuji XF 35m F1.4 R one more time with taking more detailed pictures of the process.
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Howdy everyone.
Anyone use the Fringer unit to adapt longer telephoto primes to your kit? I own and love the fuji 50-140 and am on the fence about going ahead and purchasing the 100-400 and just moving on with the whole thing. On the other hand, the fringer unit would allow me to scoop up a Canon 300 f4/400 5.6 or the brilliant 200 L. The difference in cost between the fringer and a used canon like those mentioned above works out to be about half...
What are your thoughts? Anyone used this combo?
For those of you curious, I'm most interested for taking perched bird photos at a local wildlife refuge. Birds are largely stationary either perched/nesting or wading. No sports and minimal in flight based photos.
Thanks in advance for taking the time…
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Fuji X-T2 and 100-400mm
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I have a few of these batteries. They have always worked well.
Have any of you who use them figured out how to get them out of the camera easily? It’s like they are swollen or whatever. I just spent 15 minutes getting one out to charge it, and finally had to resort to using the tiny file on my fingernail clippers to pry it out.
That, my friends, makes me very nervous. First I tried sticking duct tape on the bottom, but it just pulled off. Put your thinking cap on, or if you’ve figured it out, please share.
Best I remember, when very new, they came out easily. But no longer…
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XT2 and XF55-200mm a couple of hot humid days ago as storms moved in.
Thanks for looking,
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Something went dreadfully wrong...will repost :)
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I like their style. To me it reads pretty objectively…
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Hello All,
I just wanted to tell those of you interested in Fashion, that on Thursday, September 27th at 5PM EST on their You Tube channel, I will be interviewed by Tony and Chelsea Northrup to discuss all things related to Fashion Photography and the Biz. That's quite a huge subject in the 1 hour time slot, but I will do my best. I will also be sharing my thoughts on those submitting their Fashion Photography images.
Hope to see you all there.
Best Wishes
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I've been slowly rehabbing my X100. A few weeks ago I removed and replaced the back as it was damaged (took about an hour). That process was made easier because I was planning to re-skin it so ripping off the current skin wasn't a big deal. There are a LOT of screws to remove to get the back off so preserving the skin is almost impossible. In the process, I learned that the rear screen that we all can tough is just a stiff plastic sheet on top of the screen. It's less scuffed than the one I removed but ti still has a few. does anyone have a recommendation of something that I can buff out those scuffs with? I have the back I removed that I can test it on first…
Do you ever fully get over it?
Has anyone ever bought a camera three times...
Students learning woodcarving, Gantok.
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