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X-H1 with 34mm f1.4
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Recently purchased a black X100S to be my street, travel and go with me every day camera. Unfortunately FedEx decided to go from NJ to WV before making it's way back to the Annapolis area. Hoping it will be here by the middle of the week. The shipping time has given me a chance to watch videos and begin reading the manual. Any suggestions on must have accessories that are still available for this camera or shooting tips are appreciated…
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X-T1 18-55 (42mm), ISO-1000, f4, 1/60sec.
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X-E2, 27mm f/2.8 @ f/4, 1/80, ISO 400…
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X-T1, 18-55 (18mm), ISO-1000, f2.8,m 1/60sec.
Sometimes life can be difficult :)
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SOOC...Note the lights on the music stands....other than very dim overheads 18 feet up, only light backstage…
Burgers' Zoo | 11. December 2018 | FUJIFILM | X-T3 | XF80mmF2.8 R LM OIS WR Macro | 80mm | 120mm equiv. | 1/110 sec | f/5.0 | ISO1600
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Hello All,
Fuji T2 with 16-55mm 2.8
greetings Jakke
XT2F0302 v3 FF.jpg
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Hi. I just bought a X-T3. I also bought a 10-24 and 18-55 lens. Whenever I'm recording video and zooming at the same time I get light flickering on my recorded video. Is this normal or did I screw up my settings some how? Anyone else noticing this.
I have a Fuji 18-135 lens that I use on my X-E1. I have a few oddities. First, when first turned on, the lens makes a high pitched beep, then a clunk sound. As you pan around with the lens it will occasionally make the same beep sound (without the clunk). It does this in auto or manual focus, and with stabilization on or off. The second oddity is that when it is on, it constantly makes a very quiet humming sound. It kinda sounds like a very quiet laptop fan. Once again, this is regardless of focus mode or stabilization. I have also found that the lens is occasionally erratic with its auto focusing. Tried cleaning all contacts, but that made no difference. Oh, I should add that I also have an 18-55 lens, and it behaves perfectly. Any ideas?…
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Saint Elizabeth Catholic Church, Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Established 1882, but what you see here was built 1904-1908.
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Stations of the Cross, Saint Elizabeth Catholic Church, Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Carved in Italy from white Carrara marble under the direction of sculptor Checchi Mario.
Both: Pentax MX, SMC Pentax-M 50mm, F/1.7. Ilford HP5 Plus processed as positive by DR5…
Liked how this one turned out. X-T20/100-400mm.
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Sabbatical Project Fall 2018
Found this red sprayer and hose up in northern Minnesota at a junk yard.
Fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.
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I have setup the front command dial to adjust my exposure compensation. I'm trying to setup the back command dial to adjust my aperture but am not able to do so. Help!!!!…
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I'm going to add a circular polariser to my kit. Currently looking at the Hoya Pro 1. At some point down the road I'd like to also purchase a Samyang 12mm f2 and I was thinking of buying the filter to suit the Samyang but also using a step down ring to suit my XF 18-55.
Can anyone see any problems with this?
Anyone an opinion on the Hoya filter?
The only problems I'm seeing are that it's not the neatest solution…
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I bought C1 11 full version this summer, after being a subscriber to the full version for more than 2 years. This was before the Fuji version was available or even announced.
After the release of v12, I wanted to upgrade to the Fuji version, as I'm a Fuji only shooter.
For comparison, the C1 Fuji version is about $90 cheaper than the full version.
So naively I expected that there should be an upgrade path taking me from V11 full to V12 Fuji only, as I really don't need any other camera support.
Below you'll find a transcript of my exchange with Phase One customer support. I was obviously too naive.
In a nutshell, I have no way of getting a Fuji only version (except for paying full price for it, my full C1 11 purchase counting for exactly $0.00), or upgrading to C1 v12 full version, essentially buying a lot of expensive camera support I really don't need.
It's not about the ~$90 difference, that won't ruin me.
It is about basically telling me that they really don't care about keeping me as a customer.
As a result, I'll probably skip v12.
Well done, Phase One!
11-12-2018 17:07
Hi again XXX,
Thank you for getting back to me and I`m sorry for your frustration.
I have discussed your case with our sales manager, but unfortunately we cannot offer you an "upgrade" from Pro to Fuji version. Only the upgrades paths, shown on our web-site, can be available.
I'm sorry that I couldn't find a better solution for you.
Let me know if you have any additional questions.
Best regards,
YYY - Phase One
04-12-2018 11:50
I‘m puzzled.
You say this can be “considered“ a downgrade. With the same logic this could also be considered an upgrade as I’m moving to a more advanced version.
Could I ask you to escalate this to your management? I’d really like to receive a confirmation from them that Capture One consciously disadvantages loyal longer term customers.
I never have and I most likely never will edit anything else but Fuji files. I would have bought the Fuji Version years ago had it been available. When I purchased the full version, I had. I had no way of knowing a Fuji version would be coming.
So again, can your management confirm that you‘ve actively decided to disadvantage your existing long term customer base?
Are you really asking me to pay full price for Capture One 12 for Fuji in spite of the fact that I’ve paid full price for Capture One 11 only some months ago? I just can’t believe that Phase I would take such a
Thank you for your confirmation.
03-12-2018 17:22
Thank you for reaching out to us.
I have investigated your profile and I can see, that you own a Capture One Pro 11 license (-----), which is a full license. You are not able to upgrade your current license to Capture One Pro Fuji 12, because it can be considered as a "downgrade", not an upgrade, and we do not offer "downgrades".
Please, let me know, if you have any further questions.
Have a great day!
Best regards,
YYY - Phase One
29-11-2018 19:51
I purchased C1 v11 earlier this year before the Fuji only version was announced. Now I'd like to upgrade to V12 but Fuji only as this is my only camera brand. However, I don't see any proposed upgrade path here. Can you help?…
As you all now there are no fuji simulations for any of X-trans 2 cameras in capture one 12, but there are for X-trans 3 and newer.
I found out how to use film simulations with fuji x-t1 raf files. I am not sure yet if it's a good hack for accurate film simulations.
Capture one stores film simulations in:
C:\Program Files\Phase One\Capture One 12\Film Curves.
I copied fuji X-t2 simulations in new folder, ant then rename them.
for instance,
FujiXT2-Fujifilm PROVIA (STANDARD).fcrv
FujiXT1-Fujifilm PROVIA (STANDARD).fcrv
After that I copied renamed files back to location.
After restarting capture one I have film simulation for my X-t1 rafs.
Of course this simulations are meant for X-t2, but since they are color curves and bouth X-t1 and X-T2 are X trans senzors, i am guessing that they should be accurate on X-t1
Hope this is helpful…
Skyline from Shanghai with a long schutter speed
Shanghai .jpg
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2015 technology
ISO 800 1/250sec, f/7.1
X-Pro1 - 16.jpg
ISO 800 1/250sec, f/4.5
X-Pro1 - 17.jpg
ISO 800 1/250sec f/5
X-Pro1 - 18.jpg
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I struggled trying to figure out how to attach the plug assembly to the charger body. Just in case someone else runs into the same problem, here is how it works.
1. Find the concave side of the plug that matches the concave shape of the charger body.
2. Put the concave portion of the plug so it rests on the charger body. The plugs should point not up from the back of the charger, but 90° away.
3. Rotate the plug in the direction that makes the plugs stand up from the charger body. The plug should snap into place.
I struggled with this for a real long time and couldn’t find any instructions. Calling Fujifilm didn’t help either. My mistake was I was just trying to push the plug into place.
I hope this saves others from aggravation…
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So last month I spilled some sweet sticky high ABV stout on my Pro2 (yeah I know what an idiot!). At first the camera still powered up but soon failed. Sent it to Fuji in NJ to get an estimate. Called them today and they said it was a total loss. They offered to exchange me a rebuilt Pro2 for $1100. I really don't want another Pro2 so I asked if they had any XT2's that I could buy instead. They said they would sell me a XT2 but they can't give me a price until next week. If it is too high I will just buy a used one from B&H for under $900. Might even get the extended warranty too if I buy from B&H.
My reasons for getting the XT2 instead of a XT3 is that I don't want to spend a huge amount of money right now. Also I have a copy of Lightroom 6 (I paid for it BTW) on my PC and I can use that with the XT. If I bought an XT3 I would have to go to LR CC and I really don't want to pay for software for the rest of my life.
Do not want to get a Pro2 again as I really grew to hate the small viewfinder. The XT2 is supposed to have a finder that is a lot better for eyeglass wearers. Really want the XT2 tilt screen as I would use that a lot. Another thing I really grew to hate was the combined ISO/shutter speed dial. That really needs to be two separate dials and the XT2 has a lot better arraignment. The dial on the Pro2 is a pain. Did I mention that I hate the dial? I really, really HATE that dial.
Anyways I am not really looking for advice. Just felt like whining about my own stupidity.
Zack S
"May the Focus be with you"…
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Broke the mount on my 16-50 lens earlier this year, and I miss that little unassuming lens. Found out a new one would be a nice christmas present for myself.
Then I found reviews on the "new" 15-45 that sounds promising - and even more compact.
.. and while searching ebay , some nice used XF 18-55's out there too..
Camera = X-M1.
decisions, decisons.... Maybe just find the best deal , then put the rest of the $$ towards a fast wide angle prime.
Anyone here used both the 16-50 and 15-45?…
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Hello all,
I‘m currently trying out all the different features of my new (bought used) X-T20 and found that I can use the „touch to focus“ function in manual focus mode, but not the „touch to shoot“ one.
Is this the common behavior and if yes, why would Fuji enable „touch to focus“ in manual focus mode but not „touch to shoot“?!
Thanks in advance for your replies!…
5 days left to get this lens
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I would have to classify this as good news and a win for we the little people:
Media Companies Can’t Just Steal Your Social Media Photos: Judge
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I’m strongly considering getting the XT3 as it’s specs and what i’ve seen from performance really match what i want in a camera for hybrid use. I want to be able to shoot high quality video and photos. I think the F2 35 lens will be suitable for an all purpose lens for now but want to know what other gear i should be investing in.
I want a good recommend video setup
-external recording device
-tripp’s & gimbal
Also lenses other than the f2 35
I’ve been looking at the following
-10-24mm for video
-56 f1.4 for photo
-27mm (bc i like the 40mm look)
does anyone have an opionion on these lenses or have other recommendations
sorry this is so long. i just want to make sure i’m spending my money wisely haha…
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Nice to see that Fujifilm have now updated the 'Camera Remote' app on my Android smartphone. The latest version appears to have several new functions ... always impressed by updates from suppliers.
Unfortunately the entire app is useless unless it works and I am totally unable to connect my X-Pro2 to my phone.
I have given up talking to the nice tech. support Guys at Fujifilm .... they simply admit that with some phone/software the app simply fails.
All ... quite unsatisfactory…
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Another old one this time with a Nikon D70 and 70-200mm f2.8
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Hi Friends,
I just got my xt-3 few days back been taking pics and its amazing. However there's a small bit that bothers me.. Anytime i play to view and image it would show up blurry photo 2/3 seconds and than clear up. it happens to all the images when im viewing them full screen after taking them. It also happens when i scroll through them. is it normal? some settings? or a problem?
Im using sandisk extreme pro card, and shooting images Fine-Jpegs.
Thanks in Advance…
It looks like VSCO is going to discontinue the desktop version of their filter app and move into the mobile market only starting in 2019. It will only be a matter of time before they will no longer work on your desktop and newer cameras will not be supported via desktop. They suggest to upgrade your Please login or register to view links account. Looks like mobil is the way of the future…
We have just purchased the XT100 and have uploaded the Camera remote app to our smartphones so that we can upload photos straight to our phones and social media etc. However whilst both my gusbsnd and I have the app the camera seems to suggest that it can only connect to one smartphone. Every time we go to add the second via wireless or Bluetooth it requires us to delete the previous paired registration. Can this be right? It seems rather restrictive to only permit one device to be connected to the camera and receive the photos.
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