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The image stabilization on the X-H1 + 80mm macro is amazing. Here are some handheld shots from today with the 1.4x teleconverter attached. The insect is one of the Lygus species, a major pest of cotton here. They are very small insects, and the yellow stuff is pollen grains. The green one (in my reply, not the original post) is a nymph (immature). All have a bit of noise because I needed ISO 1250 for around 1/1000 sec. handheld (it was windy, of course). They are not as sharp here as on Smugmug, and see the reply page for an example of how severe the crop factor is.
Lygus adult 6 Pat Porter 2018.jpg
Lygus adult 5 Pat Porter 2018.jpg
No sooner have the Daffodils faded than the Irises start to bloom. Fuji X-T1 18-135, 1/400 @ f5.6, 203 mm, handheld.
Iris Blooming.JPG
So at 10am on the morning of the NCAA men's tennis team final round, my boss asked me to go cover it. The good news is that it was being hosted on our campus, at a lovely tennis stadium purpose built just for this sort of thing. The bad news is that in 30+ years of doing this for a living, this would be the second tennis tournament I'd ever shot. Second piece of bad news is that I stopped shooting a lot of sports maybe ten years ago. But, they wanted a feature gallery showing the overall flavor of the event, which is more my speed.
Took two X-T2 bodies with the 16-55 and the 50-140 lenses (one can get quite close to the action.) The photos are here:
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I was pleasantly surprised at how well the Fujis handled the continuous AF and got the action sharp…
It looks like Lightroom Classic CC is adding sharpening to my imported JPG files. I am getting halos & artifacts. I am only applying 'clarity' to the import. I can go to Develop and turn off the details panel and the halos go away.
1) Am I correct that LR is applying a default sharpening to the JPG file? 2) How do I turn off 'auto' sharpening?…
Didn't know a succulent had flowers that bloomed like this. The stem on this flower was about 2 feet long with nothing down to the succulent other than what you see here and the stem.
X-T2, 35mm f2, shot @ f5, 1/125s & cropped.
DSCF0344 (2).JPG
X-H1 + 35mm 1.4. @ 1/640 f5.6 ISO200
Magnolia blossom.
Wonderful fragrance - sweet lemon-like - but blossoms short lived, especially more so with all the rain we've had.
X-T2, 14mm Georgetown Loop, Georgetown, CO
DSCF7598-Edit (Medium).jpg
Having recently converted to Fuji - X-T2, I've seem some amazing macro photos. Never having done it before, always shot mainly wildlife with the 100-400mm, what do you consider to be the best macro X lens please?
Haven't got a huge budget…
Canon 7DMII + Sigma 150-600mm C
_36A6765_DxO copy.jpg
for Portrait photos and landscape I bought a Fujifilm X-E1 and an X-T2.
I keep my old Canon EOS cam as a backup, but hardly use it anymore. :gym:
I like the low weight and portability of my new cameras. :angel:
I have an X-T1 and an X-E2 - on my X-E2 I have a collection of custom settings that are mainly combinations of film simulation, and ISO, so I can just poke Q, and scroll through my options.
On the X-T1, the only way to set ISO seems to be via the dial, so I have to select my custom setting, then set my ISO.
However, I realised that when using the phone app to drive the X-T1, I can change ISO without manually turning the dial.
Is there a way on the camera to adjust the ISO via a custom setting - i'd really like to have both cameras behaving in the same way…
Not sure what the issue is, but I would welcome some suggestions.
After I take a shot, the aperture blades chatter as they narrow or widen by observable increments. This seems to happen at all apertures, but is especially noticeable after I take a shot at wider apertures, after which the aperture blades move inwards in tiny jerky increments, resulting in a flickering EVF.
I think the aperture blades may be sticking, but I am really not sure, and this model has not been flagged up as suffering from this as previous models did. Also, the sticky aperture blade issue on the X100 resulted in a completely stuck aperture, which this is not.
Anyway, I reckon I will have to send it off to Fuji, but would welcome some feedback from this forum before I do, as I have a short holiday in the offing, and do not want to be without a camera…
Scanned from an Ektachrome slide dated 1978. Probably Pentax gear (long time ago); given the date, probably a Spotmatic?
At the time I was working for a small canoe factory in Wenatchee, Washington. The owner, Ray Wonacott, hosted a company picnic for customers and employees on beautiful Lake Wenatchee. He brought a lot of boats for everyone to play with. In this shot a couple of coworkers are setting up an outboard motor on a square stern canoe.
A few months later a financial backer backed out, the factory closed, and we were out of work.
I have posted a few more photos from that day on my SmugMug site <Please login or register to view links>…
A few days ago I realized that the number of replies and „Likes“ is no longer displayed at the bottom of each post in the „What‘s new?“ section. Was this a deliberate decision, or is it just a technical error and will be reinstated? No matter what, I miss this feature!…
This image was taken with a manual lens. It is exported from Raw Therapee. Exposure is upped .5 in processing. No exposure bias when taking the shot. What is the pattern that
am I seeing in the 100% crop?
I've shot a few versions of the Minolta 50/1.7 and the 50/1.4 but today I picked up an older Minolta MC 55/1.7 for the princely sum of $10 at the local camera shop. I had read in a few places how some folks really liked this lens so I thought I'd give it a try.
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It's just a quick snap of my dog digging into a nap but I very much like the way this lens draws an image. It's a very Minolta-like image and yet different somehow compared to my other MC and MD 50's. This is the older scalloped metal focus ring design and it really is quite nice. It's also a rather small lens so even with the adapter it keeps things nice and compact. It has half aperture stops between 2.8 and 16 and I think the image above is f3.5. It's a bit soft wide open but sharpens up nicely when stopped down and I haven't done much else. I'm looking forward to getting out and seeing what it can do.
This was shot with a Sony body and not a Fuji X body but everything above still applies. I put it here because I thought it was more appropriate in the adapted lens area but if it needs to be moved to another area I'll ping the admins to give me a hand.
after waiting for weeks for the US to get the new billingham hadley small pro, i gave up and ordered from the uk. Did not realize the price is 20% less since the vat is refunded at checkout. I got the bag 3 days after ordering from the uk to a suberb in dallas. Well done billingham!
I got the olive and brown one. Perfect size. Right now have x100f, wcl, tcl, godox ttl flashed and the new commander, which i also love. Also four batteries, ir filter, polarizers for both filter size, lee nd grad with holder, sd memory card holder and remote trigger release with room to spare.
So tell me, why did i wait so long?…
my regular visitors
Fuji X-T2 CANON 400MM F5.6…
Love adapted m-mount glass on Fuji. Just received this lens. Can't wait to get out and use it and see what it can do. :D
Hopefully this can be seen in other countries - it a great piece of footage.
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Hola a todos deseando aprender de todos…
My wife and I try to visit NYC every few years. The architecture is just one of the things that keeps us going back.
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More photos in a reply, all taken with my X100S and processed with Luminar 2018…
Can the X-T10 display the lens length in realtime for native Fuji lenses? I could have sworn that when I first got the camera it was displaying the length of the lens when I was zooming.
I swear you can really see it like this at night. :D
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Is anyone in European countries being impacted by enforcement of the General Data Protection (GDPR) that stated today?…
NEX 7 and Konica Hexanon 24/2.8
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Canon 7DMII + Sigma 150-600mm C set to 600mm
_36A6739_DxO copy.jpg
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Fuji X-H1
Canon FD 50mm f1.4 S.S.C.
K&F Concept FD-FX adapter
1 Riley 5-24-2018.jpg
2 Riley 5-24-2018.jpg
Recently a work colleague showed me his Leica M6 and I was so blown away by the crispness of the viewfinder that I sold an X-T2 to finance a purchase of a M4-P. After a few weeks I realised that I wasn't using my digital gear at all and, with summer coming, sold my other X-T2 and all my Fuji lenses to help finance a family holiday.
Then I thought - actually I'd rather like to have a decent digital camera with me for casual snaps and back-up while I'm on said holiday. Budget was limited, so I ordered a secondhand X-100 from a dealer. I have to say that my first impressions of the X-100 weren't favourable - it just seemed a bit clunky and unfinished. By the morning after its arrival I was starting to feel that I might have made a bit of a mistake,
Serendipity came to my rescue. On further testing it became clear that the camera was suffering from the dreaded SAB issue. A quick call to the dealer and the camera was collected and a refund was winging its way to my bank account. In the same hour I found a perfect condition X-100S on the auction site *at the same price I'd just had refunded for the original*! That arrived yesterday and the point of this post is that I am now fully in love with the hybrid OVF - it's amazing! Why didn't anyone tell me before?…
you sure those co-ordinates were right?
untitled (1 of 2)-6.jpg
XT 100T f2 at 3200 ISO…
Where farms and nature go hand in hand
Weteringse broek Teuge Netherlands
XF 100-400
XF 80 macro
XF 2x TC
In the second post of this topic more photos!
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I always use the battery grip which normally that gives me plenty of power.
But today the batteries in the grip ran out very quickly. I charged them the night before.
I have always charged the batteries while in the grip. And a friend told me that may be the problem.
The batteries are as old as the original release of the X-T2.
Is my habit of charging in the grip the issue, or are the batteries just wearing out?
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