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Saw this flower backlit by this morning's low sun. The stamen bud is only about 1.5-2mm in diameter.
X-T1 with 50-230 @145mm with my Raynox 250 attached. f11 1/180 iso800
backlit 1.jpg
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No prizes forc guessing which is which..
And yes I have just been back to Brighton.
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Taken with XE-1 and 18-55@ 18mm, hand held in panoramic mode. Jpeg right out of camera.
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hello here to pick your minds again. All my old bags lose my XE3 so looking for a new one had a good trawl on the web and not found a satisfactory one. I had a Lowepro Dashpoint 20 for the X30 but I assume the 30 will be too small for the EX3 with the 23mm attached. I’d ideally like one that can be attached to a belt and carry spare battery and SD card. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance…
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Sometime ago we discussed T/S adapters vs native T/S lenses, the time went by and now I came across this:
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I was wondering if that could be a solution to do shift photography (I'd love to have tilt as well this being said) with decent quality using my MF Hasselblad Carl Zeiss lenses.
I hope the flange distance is correct, because apparently this is an assembly of a V mount to Canon EOS adapter mounted on top of a EOS to FujiX shift adapter.
But I believe that using a MF lens will give better results than a adapted FF lens because the image circle is so much bigger, giving more latitude without becooming soft or vignetted at the edges.
Any thoughts?…
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I got the new x-a5. The camera won’t successfully connect to the FUJI remote app. Customer service says that the app needs to be updated to catch up with the new model. Any thoughts about this?…
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While cleaning my underused 18-55mm this sky appeared. So quickly took this. F11 1/8th iso640 29mm.
Also through my dirty window.
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No, I'm not trolling (let's just get that out of the way, OK? ;)). As I contemplate my next Fuji acquisition (I did just order the closeout priced X-T1 body from B&H). I also own the XP1 with the 18-55 and 55-200 lenses. A year or two ago, I picked up an X100S on a closeout and really liked most things about the camera save for the ergos of the lens (it's short!). However, I ended up returning the camera because it turned out to be gray market (which the seller hadn't disclosed). But I also owned the 35mm f/2 and thought that if I had the 23mm instead that I'd have pretty much everything the X100 series had but with more creative choices.
So my question is, other than the cool factor (because the X100s are the best looking cameras on the market other than the Leicas) and smaller size, who is the X100 customer vs. the XP1/2 with a 23mm (or whatever prime lens you prefer)? Like the Leica Q, I just don't really understand who the X100's are for. I suppose because I started my photography with fixed lens rangefinders (a Yashica J, Minolta 7sII, Retina IIIc, and a half frame Olympus Pen), I became an interchangeable lens guy. As soon as I could afford an SLR, I went in that direction (Olympus OM-1 and, later, Nikon DSLRs). But when I learned of the XP1, I fell in love. It was everything I was looking for in a more thoughtful camera design and Fuji's lenses are superlative.
So if you're an X100 series owner but also own an XP1/2 camera, what's the reason/s you bought the X100? Please don't be defensive, I'm genuinely curious…
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The more I use this lens the more I like it. It renders so nicely and is very very sharp and focus easy to get right even at f/2.
All these on an X-T10, SooC, mixture of Astia (+2 col, +1 shad) and provia (-1 hi and shad) and B/R with pushed shadows.
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Is anyone experiencing this issue with their X-T2. When importing photos wirelessly, the photos which were portrait are downloaded in landscape.
When trying to rotate the images, it stated unsupported file. Any suggestions or setting that i should set on either the camera or the application?
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I had plans of photographing roses with the lensbaby, unfortunately the weather didn't play ball.
#1 Lensbaby Velvet 85
#2 20 image focus stack
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Late wintery weather in S. California
Taken with XT-20 + 18-55mm
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This guy has caused some debate on social media, a regular fixture in the Queen Street Mall in Brisbane...
He tends to be stationary, and is a bit hard to miss!
Andrew's work can bee seen here: Please login or register to view links
He certainly divides opinion!
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Fire Pumper and old, oft photographed truck
Fire Engine Pumper0035.jpg
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I'm having trouble connecting my X-T2 to X Raw Studio. Camera information (model and battery) are displayed in X Raw Studio, but no pictures.
X-T2 v3 raw connection enabled.
macOS High Sierra USB2 only (tested with several cables)
Any ideas? :)
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Few back stage shots from this years New York Fashion Week. The mobility of X-Pro2 and X-T2 definitely wins over the tight and cramped space.
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I have had my X-T20 for 2 months now and I am thrilled with it! I read the manual cover to cover twice before receiving it as well as the Dan Bailey book and the Rico Pfirstinger book as well. Book reading does not make you an expert, however, and I am having an issue besides composing a good picture.
I have had problems with the stock Auto ISO settings burying my SS. I always forget to change my ISO when I go indoors or the light is changing. As you may know, it will usurp control of your SS setting, which I usually set manually (manual Aperture as well) so I decided to peg the high end at 12800. I’d rather have some noise rather than a blur, and when I notice I can change settings. I set 1) 200-12800, SS 60 for bright and all around, 2) 800-12800, SS 500 for fast moving stuff, 3) 800-12800 SS auto for low light. I know it may sound weird but it seems to be working for me so far.
The problem is, they always reset overnight. I set it up in the Shooting Settings menu and by the Fn button but it always reverts back. I have taken to utilizing 3 Custom presets to encorporate these settings and within these the presets are remembered, but I would like the convenience of having my settings stay put!
Any thoughts?…
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Qualia | Morgane Le Tiec
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Just a simple snap taken of a Springtail using a 28mm lens reversed onto a set of Extension Tubes. Lighting was via a modified Ring Flash.
X-T1, 28mm Nikkor AIS Lens Reversed On To Ext Tubes, 1/180th @ F11, ISO-200, Modified Ring Flash, Handheld.
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Thank you for looking.,
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On Wednesday the temperature was 72F( 22C) setting a record for that date Albany, NY. Almost all the snow was melted. The following day we got some snow.
X-T1, 55-200 at 55mm, ISO 200, F7.1 at 1/340…
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Hi all,
I was looking for a cable release for my X10. I managed to get hold of a Leitz model designed for Leica. The only issue is that it only seems to screw into the thread part way. Is that normal - I'm just want to be careful not to thread the inside of the shutter button?
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Bluebird activity is starting in Michigan. I was about 50M from this little guy but still got a decent image.
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From the Tate Modern gallery yesterday:
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The crafty Swamp Wallaby (Wallabia bicolor) patiently sits waiting for it prey the unsuspecting jogger to pass and fall into its fearsome clutches.
Combining the X100s and WCL-X100 combo with wildlife photography and on the spot photo journalism. :D
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Here are some fotos from Amsterdam + one from Zandfoort…
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B&H has these for $600 currently with couple freebies. I'd had one for about a week a couple years ago along with my XP1. I kept the XP1 but returned the XT1 due to a dirty seonsor (I'd bought it used from B&H). Regardless, I'd really liked the camera and its old school layout. It handles faster than the XP1 and for my amateur enthusiast needs, provides all the IQ I need for what I do.
I use the 18-55 and 55-200 with my XP1 and am looking forward to using them on my incoming XT1…
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So I'm pretty new here. I just bought an XPro1 recently and I'm starting a project for myself of doing some documentary style work on my hobby, slot car racing. This is also BTW my job for a slot company.
Here are a few photos from my club racing tonight.
My friend Scott, casual and relaxed during a heat race tonight.
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I am weighing getting into the Fuji X world, primarily as a back up for travel and everyday shooting. So my emphasis is on small, pocketable gear but also perfectly usable on low light. So my thinking is to go with something not quite up to date but still with great performance and small and light on the pocket (in both senses). My current thinking is go with a good used xt-10 plus the 27mm pancake, or rather an x-e2. And then maybe add the 18-55zoom or an 18mm prime or the new 15-45mm when it comes out. I would also likely get a Leica m adapter to use my tiny 40mm summicron and 21, 25 and 35 compact CV lenses. The dilemma is whether the xhe2 form factor should outweigh the added conveniences of the xt10 ( built in flash, and flipping screen which I would use for shooting from the chest, like a TLR). How usable would the screen be for that purpose? Any thoughts or experience s would be welcome…
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Photos taken in the Antarctic summer with my X-T1 and 18-135, ISO 800, various apertures and shutter speeds. Shortly after we started shooting the snow began, with growing heaviness, yet the camera performed flawlessly. Temperature was around 0 to -5 C.
Extensive whaling operations were carried out between 1906 and 1931 at this location. This decimated the whale population until whaling had to be abandoned because it was no longer profitable.
Abandoned whaling boat.
Men's living quarters. Antarctic architecture was rather basic at the time.
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Hi all! Long time reader and occassional poster here looking for help.
I have the X-T2 combined with the 23mm f1.4 (latest firmware on both), and I've just noticed this very small quirk.
In full manual mode (aperture, shutter speed and ISO) with exposure preview on, moving the aperture between f1.4 and f1.6 results in no change in the live view exposure, even though I can see the meter change by 1/3 a stop, and the final images from each show a difference.
When I move the aperture to A in a way that forces a value of f1.4, I can see that the preview is brighter than when I set it to f1.4, which tells me f1.4 is incorrectly showing me the exposure for f1.6, and not the other way around.
Other 1/3-stop transitions in the entire range properly show a change in the exposure preview, as I would expect.
Has anyone else noticed this? Is this normal? I can't tell whether it's for this particular combo only, since the X-T2 is my only ILC body and the 23mm is my only f1.4 lens.
Thanks in advance!…
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Does anyone focus stack? Which software do you recommend? Any tips for focus stacking?
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Hi everyone,
I am new to the Fuji system and love the camera so far. I have attempted to use the EF-X8 flash with the camera with no luck. I have tried literally every fix I could find on Google all with no results. I have no flash settings available to me except "M" and "OFF" with the ability to set Front/Rear sync - that is it. The camera seemingly does not recognize the flash. Hoping someone has an idea of something I might have missed because this is driving me crazy!
I checked Silent Mode/Flash and sound - it is Off
Mechanical Shutter is selected
No bracketing or burst shooting is active - shooting mode is set to S
All other dials are set to the automatic settings (I have also tried specific ISO and Shutter speeds)
The battery indicator shows 3 full bars
The flash has been wiggled, and pushed lightly in every directon to make sure it is fully engaged.
All pins and the hot shoe itself are in excellent condition
Latest firmware is installed
I have reset shooting settings and setup multiple times (is there another kind of reset?)
Anything else I'm missing? Sorry for the long post I'm hoping someone can help!