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X-Pro2, 7artisans 25mm f1.8
Nice lens. Focus throw could be a bit longer…
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Just sharing a couple of macro images shot using a X-T2 with Nikkor 18-55 lens. Reversed mount.
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We're finally getting fungi downunder. Tasmania has been getting plenty of nice varieties for weeks, but here in Victoria it is so dry. Nice to see them appearing.
This is what I'm looking forward to using the Fuji for when we get focus stacking.
The various stages of Amanita muscaria or Fly agaric
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After connecting the camera via micro usb, the instructions say (Please login or register to view links) "Turn the power switch of the camera ON. The back LCD monitor of the camera will be suppressed and the LED will flash ." Then you are supposed to start the X-RAW software.
When I pug in the usb, the green light comes on and stays on, meaning I am charging I think. The LCD monitor goes blank (after some time). When I turn the camera on, the green light goes out and stays out. When I launch X-RAW, it does not connect.
Anyone experience this?…
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Dear brother and sister,
I have just bought X-H1 body. When testing the lens (no matter it is OIS or not OIS) and then power off the camera, I heard a very noticeable sound (short but loud and chunky....seems lens "collide" with camera) .
Is it defective or normal?
Also, I hear this crap or chunky sound when shifting shooting mode <-> playback mode.
In fact, all the lens that I tested have this kind of strange sound
(XF18-55mm, XF 23mm...etc)
However, I didn't hear any this kind of sound when using X-T2, X-E3 before…
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So, i'm having an issue with my X-T2. My rear lcd screen messes up periodically and randomly. I have sent it to fuji and it never glitches while they had it.
Anybody ever had this issue?
Here's a youtube link to a video of my camera acting like this today.

I had a hard time shooting video…
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Took this last week in Morro Bay State Park and thought it might look better in B&W,
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Hi there,
I wonder if there's any Fuji which doesn't suffer from the EVF blackout issue.
I only use the X-T10 and the X-E1.
Thanks for any info…
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Fuji XT-2, 10-24mm Raw files converted in Iridient, f22, 200 iso, 10 seconds exp. -2EV.
Trowutta Pool1.jpg
Trowutta Arch4.jpg
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Those using Flickr might find this of interest.
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I follow a number of forums but recently I am finding that this forum (alone) is difficult to read or post on account of the displayed page jerking up and down.
Strangely, as I write this new post there is no problem but as I daily follow the latest posts the problem appears every time. This has started fairly recently!
Anybody else seeing this?…
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In Burgers’ Zoo Netherlands | The Bush
X-T2 | XF80 macro
In the second post of this topic more photos!
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I am looking for advice from those who've used these or similar inserts - any tips/caveats are appreciated.
My kit - X-E2s
35 f2 and 23 f2
an extra Watson battery
the Fuji charger with cable
Body and lens caps
While the B$H site has product pictures I am still unsure which of these inserts I should get for my kit -
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Tell me if you think I should look to other brands too (as long as it's small and inexpensive!).
Expansion plans - maybe the XF 50-230 (and the Rokinon 12 f2) in the future but for now it's really these two lens.
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X-T2 and XF55-200mm
From a couple of days ago awkwardly shooting behind a deafening waterfall and bumping my head under a low sandstone cliff.
Thanks for looking,
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Dear friends why so much hatred in the world when we know how many people were killed in this electric wire barrier
elektrische draadversperring uit wo 1.jpg
uitleg elektrische draadversperring wo 1.jpg
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Please login or register to view links to page 2 of Fujirumors dot com to see info about this camera…
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I'm still debating about going back to Nikon. I currently have an Xt-1 and a Nikon D3s.
I love the Xt-1. My biggest problem is how slow it is overall. This could be use error. Hoping you guys could give me some tips.
When shooting, it can take almost a second or two between shots. Which seems very slow. On an Nikon body it take a picture as fast as I can press the shutter.
Is this just because the xt-1 is mirrorless? Is there something I'm missing or is this normal?
Would a faster card help or anything like that?
Honestly hoping I can find a way to keep the xt-1 but I really just can't bear how slow it is for me.
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about to do a switch from my x100t to an x70 and wanted to get people's thoughts. Mostly moving to the x70 due to size. I just want something more pocketable + flip screen and ditch the viewfinder without losing functionality/performance. Seems like the x70's sensor is 1:1 to the x100t in general, same low light capability, bump in mp is nice. Performance on paper seems 1:1 also. Only major diff to me is the f2 (35mm equv)vs f2.8 (28mm equv) lens. Any other considerations?
actually seems like the x70 is the smallest apsc camera i can get…
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Just experimenting...
X-Pro1 35mm WR
X-Pro2 35mm XF
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It's amazing. pictures 1 and 2 are 9 days apart. From almost helpless to getting ready to fly.
That's mom in the back, The second chick hatched a few days after the first and is doing well but not seen here. The pictures are a bit deceiving and make the hummingbirds look larger than they are. We first saw her sitting on the eggs ( which are .5 inches or 13 mm long ) Mar 23 and the must have hatched 4 or 5 days later.
Their are a few more pictures in the reply section. All taken with the XP@ 100-400+1.4 Tc 1/500 sec.
Thanks for looking.
Apr 10
Apr 10-088.jpg
Apr 19
Apr 19-185.jpg
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After just missing my SeaBus connection at the North Vancouver terminal I took out my Fuji X100T and took this picture of my 'bus' leaving, the Vancouver skyline and our busy harbour. "Who needs more tanker traffic!"
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My girlfriend is a professional artist (painter), and although she is almost always pleasant, easy going, and thoroughly understands the creative process, she hates to have her portrait taken. I've done a few with her face covered, but this week, she reluctantly let me take an unplanned grab shot in an art deco elevator in a building in NYC with my X100T + WCL. Even at a high ISO, I was only able to shoot it handheld at 1/40th sec, so it unfortunately wasn't razor sharp, but the lighting and multiple reflections very much intrigued me.
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I'm in awe of some of the amazing sheds and workshops some folk have shown here; the latest that I drooled over belonged to @runswithsizzers where he's building his skiff. I can only dream of such a place, perhaps in my retirement.
In the meantime, welcome to my Shed. It's a bit more chaotic.
Garage Chaos - 1.jpg
I'm currently hobbling about the place (see my post on Rotting Cabbages from earlier in the week) but today managed to make it to the garden shed, actually a garage, though no car is likely to live here for a while.
I sustained a few minutes upright, and took a couple of pictures in a great surge of creativity, which I'll post in the reply to this.
All with an X-Pro1 and 27mm…
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Hi again !
And here's a few from an outing on the Kabir Kouba section of the St-Charles River in Quebec City
X-T2 + XF16-55 or XF50-140mm
Raw, PP in LR Classic CC + IXT +Nik's
More pics in the reply
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I have had an X-T20 for about a month now and I use the 23mm f1.4 lens. I have noticed at wide open apertures that there is quite a bit of fringing in the oof areas of out of camera jpgs. Is this normal for this lens. Some samples.
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Here's a few pics from a pool session that one of the local Kayak club had this Spring. It's always nice to learn or practice in warm water before hitting the rapids and the cold water...
X-T2 + XF16-55 + Mezt M400 Flash
Raw, PP in LR Classic CC + IXT + Nik's
More pics in the reply...
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Hi all,
I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this or even the correct webstie - I'm in need of some advice, my father recently passed away and my brothers and I have been settling his estate - looking through his belongings we have come across a load of old unopened 16mm fujifilm film. with labels such as F-64d and F250.
My brothers and I know nothing on this subject and I've been tasked to see if they're worth anything or collectible at all? I've done a cursory search on google but cant really find anything on them apart from that they're out of production and they are used to film daylight shots.
Any information on them would be appreciated -
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I'm a photo retoucher from France who bought an X-T10 3 years ago to begin landscape photography (northern europe landscapes mainly).
Last year i've upgraded to an X-T20, and i use a Samyang 12mm as a wide angle.
I'm glad to have found this place :)
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Today is my birthday in more ways then one.
Yes today is the anniversary of my birth, but in two ways, rather like her dear I majesty I have two birthdays. The first on the 20th of April 1940.The second, same date but 1954, how come? My parents bought me my first camera and it all started. An Ensign Selfie 16/20 which I still have.
Looking back photography has played an important part of my life. at 18 I was desperate to be a photographer but nobody was interested, apart from Her Majesty, so I signed up as a regular in the Royal Air Force, did 8 years got bored and joined the rat race. Did various things, all completely unrelated to photography, docker, building labourer, teacher at an art college, ended up as a senior projects manager of a well known development company. Don't ask how or why, think it was a case of hopeless at his job, promote him. Anyway retired happily at 42 and now just about getting used to it.
So what has this got to do with photography......well nothing except.
Over the years I have had passions and fads for just about every genre of photography, architecture, church interiors, still life, portraits, figure work, documentary, you name it , I've dabbled in it, apart from Landscape.....I can't ever remember photographing a tree, ever.
Sorry.....but it is my birthday, ( and Hitler's) so there. :)
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I am experimenting a bit, and would like do do a quick test.
Here are two pic's, not of any significant photographic interest, but that's not the point. I took them because of the high contrast scene. The sun was very bright and powerful. I will not disclose (yet) what the differences between these two pics, taken a few seconds apart, are, so not to bias your opinion.
Please tell me which one you would pick. Thank you all!
Photo A:
Photo B:
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Really liking the " new to me" 27mm.
untitled (1 of 1)-26-Edit.jpg
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Finally! Foliage with no water color effect. I was already shopping forums and Ebay to go back to Nikon when I decided to give raw converter another try and had great results. So now my question for anyone who uses a raw converter to lightroom workflow, what all do you adjust in raw converter? I would like to get the most out of the raw file but the converter is pretty limited (and cumbersome). Once you've made your adjustments in raw converter do you export as jpeg or tiff? Which one is more workable in lightroom?…
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Here's the latest photo of my 1950's Portable American Flyer train set. It's a 4X6 unit that divides in half so I can transport it in my SUV. I set it up for local train shows and allow the kids to play with it. Too many layouts have a "hands off" mentality, but this one I made especially for kids to push the buttons on the layout so they can blow the train whistle, flash lights, and hear the conductor on a 45 LP record that plays within the trains station. All pieces are from the 1950's except the cars which I purchased from Wal-Mart for that period.
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My Japanese Tomica Collection. Who doesn't like colorful toy cars?
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My very first attempt at a double exposure. This one was done in post-processing in Photoshop rather than in-camera (I plan to experiment with that next)
Fuji X-E1. The portrait was taken with a Konica 57 1.4 and the leaves with a Konica 50 1.4
Portrait and Leaves Double Exposurewm.jpg
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"Caught red-handed"
Fujifilm X-T2 + XF16mm f1.4 R WR
This picture was taken in Madrid, Spain. One day I discovered an old wrought iron door. Its peephole was bigger than any other common door. Through this, I could see the parallel street, so I decided to wait for someone to pass by the door on the other side.
This was the final result:
(Don't forget to follow me on my Instagram: Please login or register to view links)
Thank you Fujix-forum
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A still life depicting old forms to new forms.......( still prefer the old! )-g-
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Contest photo submissions will be posted in this thread.
The contest, as suggested by moderator @GregWard :
- Post the best Photograph you ever made (no rules here - can be straight out of Please login or register to view links, heavily processed, even a montage - and we're not interested in critique from other people - you are the sole judge BUT we do want to know why you think it's your very best Photo and how/where/when etc you made the image)
Prizes will include goodies from Fujifilm, Zeiss, Popflash and B&H Photo. You don't have to post a photo to win a prize!
More details soon.
EDIT from Please login or register to view links: 'No rules' as @GregWard intended, in terms of subject, topic, or how it was processed, etc.
Must be a Fuji photo.
Yes, multiple submissions are allowed, voting will be by forum members in terms of number of likes, the top vote getters will then take part in a run-off, a max of one image per member in the run-off.
There will also be random prize drawings for other thread participants (photo not required for this.)
Submissions accepted through May!
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All were shot on the 50-140 f2.8, other than the fox which was shot on the 10-24 f4.
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Scottish Wildcat
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Red Squirrel
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Red Fox
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