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Litlibær Farm
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The ruins of outbuildings on Litlibær Farm beside Skötufjörður.
Westfjörds, Iceland September 2017
Fuji X-T2, XF18/2, 1/420th sec at f/8, ISO 400
This was with my second copy of the XF18/2 and having sold it with the spare Pro2 body when I came home, I just had to get a THIRD copy based on this and other frames from that trip. Not letting #3 go!…
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Just some shots from my daughters 8th bday. The B/W is Acros, 12800iso, the cake is Velvia 4000iso. Minor touch ups in Lr.
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I will start with one of my personal favorites. Taken with a Fujifilm X-Pro2, 55-200mm lens.
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Here are some from a series I will be showing shortly at a local event. Called "Vortex," these were photographed in Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon, Coyote Gulch and Peekaboo Gulch. Cameras used include a Fuji X-Pro 1, Canon 40D and Xti, Pentax K20D, Nikon F5 and Mamiya RB67.
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Hi Fuji community,
Was wondering, while on Manual Focus mode, why the EVF would display the desired image, and then, when you press half the shutter, it suddenly becomes something else, like if it was sill in AF somehow.
It mainly happens when I want some of my pictures to be blurry (that may sound weird for some), it seems to correct it so there s more clarity.
Examples on pictures attached.
Am I doing something wrong? Settings not set properly? Or is it just the electronic mirrorless system that keeps me from my old viewfinder?
"Everyone has done this"
Fort Cochin, India 2018
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Fuji X-T2 + XF23mm f2 R WR
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After my transfer from the X-T2 > X-H1 and now to the X-T3. Was it convenient for me to have the entire menu of the X-T3 in short in pdf-format. Quickly look up something on the iPhone or iPad etc.
Sometimes you do not know how to find it quickly and what the settings are.
And there is this pdf for. That's all. No higher mathematics or a detailed explanation.
X-T3 Menu in pdf
Firmware 1.02
November 18, 2018
Language: English
Pdf size is 593 kb
Big and small pages (15)
If there are errors or there is something missing, send me a PM and I will customize it. For questions or remarks please PM me or post a comment.
The pdf > It Contains:
Image quality | AF/MF | Shooting | Flash Menu | Movie | User |Sound |Screen | Button/Dial |Power | Save Data | Connection | The playback Menu |Info
Its free for everyone > Yes
You only have to do 2 things.!!
PLEASE :) Like this post! (then I also know how many forum members use it!)
And download via DropBox.

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Have fun with it and if it is useful, let me know!
Hi Folks. Newbie question. Just purchased X-T3 camera. Can’t get it out of Shutter Mode. 16-55/2.8 lens aperture is set to A. Shutter speed and ISO dials on camera are set to A. Exposure compensation is set to 0. Focus mode dial is set to S. But LCD monitor still shows the camera is in Shutter Mode. Photos are generally over or underexposed unless I manually set the shutter speed.
The problem existed with the original firmware release and the latest one: 1.02.
Am traveling internationally so it would be great if I can figure out how to solve this problem.
Thanks for any suggestions you can provide!…
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Taken in Banff NP AB, February 2016 (Canon 7DMII + EF 70-300mm L)
_36A4667 copy.jpg
Goldfield Mine 201810 121.jpg
Fuji X-T1, ISO 200, 1/400ss, aperture priority, +0.3 Exposure Compensation, 18-55mm lens, f 5.0 at a focal length of 18mm under very bright mid day sunshine…
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With C1P formerly working with Fuji for camera and simulation support, I felt that a return was in order.
A little history I used LR from version 1 0r 2 on an MS computer. Also used Capture NX. Moved to Mac and Aperture. With the downfall of Aperture, used C1P (mostly Nikon) moved back to LR when C1P was slow to support Fuji, now with a subscription.
With Nikon, I eventually only shot RAW because I did not like their JPG rendering. With Fuji, I shoot RAW/JPG. For the life of me, I cannot match the JPG film simulations with RAW processing and a lot of effort. C1P might fix the problem with their Fuji film simulations (whenever that may be). I like Fuji's RAW Studio, but it is clunky.
Locked up on me several times during closing/back up. Once required a starting over with a new catalog (could not restore from back up) with ~40K images, >5hr.
Print output not quite as good as LR, slightly less crisp.
Does not recover Highlights nearly as well as LR with JPG files.
There is no smooth method for viewing on web/iPhone. I spent the weekend trying options. First, desired/processed files need to be exported to a separate folder. I don't like the Mac Photo App- I have trouble keeping processed files separate from iPhone photos. Amazon Prime Photo removes subfolders and places all pics on a timeline. iCloud is OK. I actually liked having the "processed" folder in DropBox. DropBox works pretty well for those that might be interested. I do not want to pay another subscription for Flickr, etc.
I found C1P to be slower that LR. (mid 2011 iMac 27" with 16 RAM).
The user benefits from database knowledge to use the filter. One example- a folder cannot be selected to filter including the subfolders. The workaround is to create a filter using a unique folder name which picks up the images in the subfolders. Example: my folders/files are in a folder named 'myoriginals'. Selecting that folder in the library yields no images in the Browser. A filter using the 'any' option based on 'contains' with the parameter of 'myoriginals' finds all of my images. This can then be saved as a collection for future use. This requires a lot of thought and organizing of the file system. Maybe using 'sessions' works better.
With RAW/JPG combos, there is no stacking. The browser can filter to 'jpg' or the RAW extension.
I have found LR to be stable
More print output control- sharpening, brightness, contrast (I use a very little bit of each)
My JPGs are generally processed with some clarity and a light mid-tone curve (for a little of a film look) on import. Then I recover blown Highlights. I like the results on the screen and with prints.
I turn sharpening OFF.
LR CC, the mobile app works almost great. The only problem is that Smart collections do not sync. No converting and exporting to a 'processed' folder is required.
Filtering is much easier. For one- the browser displays all of the images in subfolders when viewing the parent folder. Two- I love the quick drop filters for text, attributes, metadata in the browser view.
RAW/JPG images can be stacked to reduce clutter.
For now, I will use LR primarily. Maybe C1P will make a mobile app to facilitate viewing on iPhone. Most of the DAM issues can be worked around. The Fuji Film Simulations may become an overwhelming advantage or I will use C1P to re-process instead of RAW Studio.
I definitely do not declare one better than the other. LR and C1P are tools. There are many tools for DAM and post-processing. If one was perfect and met ALL needs the others would disappear!
These are SOME of MY thoughts. I know many of you are much better photographers than me and are very skilled with post-processing. I would be interested in other thoughts regarding C1P as COMPARED to LR. If you wish to flame C1P/LR (BTW: sharpening issues have been discussed elsewhere ad nauseam) or introduce other programs- start your own thread, please…
I am always surprised by the quality my little X100F produces, granted up close and wide open it is at its weakest, but stop it down and a take few steps back and the magic unfolds right before my eyes.
Forks Stroll-23.jpg
Forks Stroll-24.jpg
Forks Stroll-25.jpg
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A morning walk with xt2 and xf90 f2…
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I have few generic brand batteries for my XT2. Is it safe to place different brand and capacities (1250/1400/1900 mah) in the battery grip?…
Casual shots in snow
Canon 5DMII + EF 100mm L macro
I'm looking for a service for my local life savers club members to post photos taken of events. Criteria is:

  • only registered users can submit photos for approval

  • admin has to approve photos that are shown to anyone (reg or unregistered)

  • has to have an "album" or grouping feature so photos can be group by event

  • mobile app that can send phone shots is highly desirable.

I tried Flickr an 500px Groups but the are lacking the album feature which is a must.
Any other sites? We acknowledge that it will cost money so that's not so much of an issue.
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Hi, I have two questions about my recently purchased XH-1.
1. I have found out how to lock specific Fn buttons, e. g. the Quick Menu button which keeps getting pressed on by mistake. But is there any way to unlock it without having to go into the menus?
2. Is there any way to memorise all custom settings (camera customisation, Fn button functions etc) on an external memory card?
Many thanks.
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XH1 100-400@400mm w 1.4tc F9 ISO200 JPEG handheld.
Cropped and touched up in Snapseed…
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Trying something different. 30 frames. XF80 XT2
30 JPEGs iPad Pro
Seemed to process the files pretty quickly. Happy for just getting started. Will use something other than the light in the kitchen next time. :)
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I have an XE1 & XE2 and am about to get an XT3. I always shoot in RAW and understand that Lightroom 6 will not work with the XT3 RAW files. So I downloaded a trial copy of Capture 1. To me this software is not intuitive at all. I have used Photoshop, Lightroom and Capture NX when I shot Nikon I am not a novice to photo editing software.
Am I just stupid or is this software difficult to learn????…
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Taken right after sunset, when the fog started rolling in
Xpro2, 10-24
1/60s, f9, ISO 800 at 10mm
Thanks for looking.
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Transferring images via Wi-Fi to a smart phone- I assume it’s the jpg that transfers, but is it at full resolution? If I zap an image to my phone and do a quickie edit in Snapseed, am I losing any resolution by not using my iMac and full computer editing software?…
Lightroom has LR CC to sync collections to iPhone- pretty slick.
What options are there to view Capture One processed files on iPhone/web?
I have considered a “processed” folder on my iCloud Drive. This would be very basic.
Somehow link to Photos App? I want to avoid mixing with iPhone photos. I have found Photos not to be slick.
I have read of a Flickr uploader.
Other hosting sites?
How do you share your CO images?
I would appreciate suggestions.
After the clocks went back last month, did you remember to adjust your in camera clock? I didn't, well, not until this morning!…
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We had a "Surprise!" snowstorm in NYC last Friday. Weather forecast was for a few flakes, then rain... we ended up with about 4 inches in Brooklyn, and a record (for early November) 6 inches in Central Park.
Panasonic GX9 and the incredible PanaLeica 42.5/1.2 Nocticron. A sublime lens in every way. The combination if tack sharpness at f/1.2 and creamy OOF rendering is special. Maybe my favorite lens ever.
Bike Rack. Brooklyn Bridge Park.
Sleeping. Brooklyn Bridge Park Promenade.
NYC Ferry. Pier 2, Brooklyn Bridge Park.
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I brought a "box of crap" at a Camera jumble and in side was a Fuji S1 pro & S3 pro the 1 is cream crackered but the S3 seems to work
Has anybody had one of these? is it worth downloading the book of words and giving it a spin?
If not they will go on the shelve in the office…
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This is a lovely lens and many seem to be of the opinion that it is better for landscape type shots than the 50mm f1.7. All I know is that these old Pentax lenses are a joy to use and for less than £20 an absolute bargain.
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taken at f5.6 on my X-T2…
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just noticed this which seems quite a deal.
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Anyone dealt with them?…
For some reason my X-T2 photos are much more susceptible to shakiness/blurriness when shooting in portrait orientation, as opposed to landscape orientation.
Is this normal, or is there some kind of stabilization setting I can enable to help with this? It almost seems like a tripod is necessary for portrait photos. I have to be extremely steady to get a portrait-oriented photo without any motion blur.
It's only portrait orientation where I notice this issue, though. Landscape photos with my X-T2 are really easy to snap without any motion blur. I guess I must be shaking more when I hold the camera in portrait orientation? I have a pretty steady hand, so this is strange…
I decided to try the autofocus of my new Xt3 getting a pond full of Ibis nests.
Xt3 55-200
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I'm a Please login or register to view links of Silkypix, and now that Developer Studio 9 is out with some good new functionality, I decided to upgrade to ISL's paid version, especially while they have a special rate now.
Unfortunately, Silkypix doesn't offer a convenient, automated way to convert Raw File Converter EX 3 development parameters to Silkypix DS 9.
Fortunately, the files are all compatible, so it amounts to copying all .rfc8.spd files to .9.spd files. Here's a Unix/perl command that does this in one go:


( cd ~Shared/Pictures/Photos/2018/20181031/raw/SILKYPIX_DS ; ls -1 *.rfc8.spd | perl -lane 'use File::Copy; chomp; $o=$_; s/\.rfc8\.spd$/.9.spd/; if (! -f $_) { copy($o,$_) or die("copy failed with " . $_ );}' )

To find all DS 9 files that must be copied:


( cd ~Shared/Pictures/Photos/2018/20181031/raw/SILKYPIX_DS ; find . -name '*.rfc8.spd' | perl -lane 'chomp; $o=$_; s/\.rfc8\.spd$/.9.spd/; if (! -f $_) { print $_; }' )

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Jerusalem, X-Pro1, 18-55mm
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Ginger Lily.
Hearty and persistent, wonderful fragrance but I'm allergic to them.
Ginger Lily-1.JPG
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