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5 days left to get this lens
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I would have to classify this as good news and a win for we the little people:
Media Companies Can’t Just Steal Your Social Media Photos: Judge
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I’m strongly considering getting the XT3 as it’s specs and what i’ve seen from performance really match what i want in a camera for hybrid use. I want to be able to shoot high quality video and photos. I think the F2 35 lens will be suitable for an all purpose lens for now but want to know what other gear i should be investing in.
I want a good recommend video setup
-external recording device
-tripp’s & gimbal
Also lenses other than the f2 35
I’ve been looking at the following
-10-24mm for video
-56 f1.4 for photo
-27mm (bc i like the 40mm look)
does anyone have an opionion on these lenses or have other recommendations
sorry this is so long. i just want to make sure i’m spending my money wisely haha…
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Nice to see that Fujifilm have now updated the 'Camera Remote' app on my Android smartphone. The latest version appears to have several new functions ... always impressed by updates from suppliers.
Unfortunately the entire app is useless unless it works and I am totally unable to connect my X-Pro2 to my phone.
I have given up talking to the nice tech. support Guys at Fujifilm .... they simply admit that with some phone/software the app simply fails.
All ... quite unsatisfactory…
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Another old one this time with a Nikon D70 and 70-200mm f2.8
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Hi Friends,
I just got my xt-3 few days back been taking pics and its amazing. However there's a small bit that bothers me.. Anytime i play to view and image it would show up blurry photo 2/3 seconds and than clear up. it happens to all the images when im viewing them full screen after taking them. It also happens when i scroll through them. is it normal? some settings? or a problem?
Im using sandisk extreme pro card, and shooting images Fine-Jpegs.
Thanks in Advance…
It looks like VSCO is going to discontinue the desktop version of their filter app and move into the mobile market only starting in 2019. It will only be a matter of time before they will no longer work on your desktop and newer cameras will not be supported via desktop. They suggest to upgrade your Please login or register to view links account. Looks like mobil is the way of the future…
We have just purchased the XT100 and have uploaded the Camera remote app to our smartphones so that we can upload photos straight to our phones and social media etc. However whilst both my gusbsnd and I have the app the camera seems to suggest that it can only connect to one smartphone. Every time we go to add the second via wireless or Bluetooth it requires us to delete the previous paired registration. Can this be right? It seems rather restrictive to only permit one device to be connected to the camera and receive the photos.
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So if you like charts, graphs, and stuff then this is an article for you. A review of the Please login or register to view links that hired a lab to do the testing…
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A very good book on the inner workings af the camera and digital processing. Written in plain English, but very thorough and useful for understanding what goes on in your camera:
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The site iself is also filled with good stuff.
(I am not affiliated with the author in any way)…
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A free book book with good pictures and tips. Written by a Danish amateur photographer:
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Use the link at upper left
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:) Canon 7DMII + Tokina 11-16mm lens
:) Canon 7DMII + Tokina 11-16mm lens
_36A0630_DxO copy.jpg
_36A0638_DxO copy.jpg
In spite of warning signs about the potential for thin ice on the local reservoir, people insist on walking across. (Canon 7DMII + Tokina 11-16mm lens)
_36A0603_DxO copy.jpg
Hi guys! a quick question, and sorry if the english is confusing.
When setting focus with the gfx, I usually like to be zoomed in to judge exactly where focus is. My problem is when i move around in the zoomed in prewiew window, every movement or press of the button the screen jumps a whole "step" or a whole "square" if you get what i mean, the jumps are to big so i seldom end up on the detail i want to check.
Is this a matter of settings or is just klumpsy and something to live with? How do you do it?
all the best
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(the TRACTOR thread seems a bit slow, so I'm posting this here)
X-T2 | 55-200mm
WBB FUJX0231_C1X John Deere Tractor - family ride.jpg
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Three images stitched in LR, X-T2 with 18-55
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[ATTACH = plná] 144559 [/ ATTACH]…
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My latest article for the Canberra Photographic Society: Please login or register to view links
Of interest to JPEG shooters as well as RAW shooters. I’ve tried to write this concisely for everyone at all experience levels.
Feel free to comment…
XT3 and XF 55-200mm today at a local MetroPark.
Thanks for looking,
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has anybody measured, or have insight, in to how long the X-H1 requires the shutter trigger signal to be HIGH to activate the shutter when using a remote (hard wired) shutter release?
I develop a water drop device that auto triggers a cameras shutter. There is a setting allowing the user to set their own shutter trigger active/HIGH time. Normally this is around 30-50ms. For the X-H1 it has been reported that the signal needs to be HIGH for at least 400ms before the shutter activates. Is this correct? I don't have the X-H1 so cannot test directly…
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I purchased my XT2 with the 18-55 lens plus the 14 and 27 in January this year, to do so I sold my Canon 5DMkIII and current release 24-105 f4. With the 18-55 results were inconsistent; many images were sharp, more were simply not good. Not in the same league as the Canon 24-105. I then purchased a 23mm as 90% of my shots with the Canon zoom were at 35mm.
The primes were outstanding from day 1; the 18-55 was dead to me. A month ago I sent the zoom to Fuji where it was serviced. Upon return it's a new lens and will be used without hesitation. I won't be dumping the 23 and 27 but the 18-55 exceeds expectations. I shot the following images with it today. The metal cat with frost was at f2.8 with focus on the nose with pleasing bokeh (JPEG in Provia +2 color, -2 highlights). On the way home I noticed mist over a pond and colors building to the west (I shot a JPEG in Velvia, but went with the RAF using Velvia, processed in Lr 6.14). The sunset is at f8 and ISO 200 hand held, Fuji OIS is amazing, I couldn't be happier.
I've made several posts and contributed to several other's negative posts agreeing that it isn't Fuji's strongest offering. I take it all back.
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Last Friday night I was out at the Fox and Goose in Sacramento for a singer/songwriter showcase featuring some of my favorites. (Local or otherwise) The pub was beautifully decorated for the holidays and I decided to combine two of the shots into a double exposure. This was done in post, but has inspired me to take a chance with the double exposure feature in-camera in the near future.
Those of you who have seen my work for a while will probably recognize these three as they appear quite a bit. From left to right; Grub Dog Mitchell, Allyson Seconds and Kevin Seconds.
Both photos were taken with the X-T20 and 35 1.4 and were combined in Photoshop.
Fox and Goose Holiday Double Exposure 1wm.jpg
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I was looking throughout the Fuji X forums - to see if there happen to be a forum category / section - "dedicated" to "other camera systems".
Hence I found this forum section (I call it) - and felt this is a good place to start this thread here.
Okay here is my current situation -
Re: Sigma Cameras:
Sigma SD1M (Merrill) DSLR vs. Sigma SD Quattro Mirrorless
Which to keep - your suggestions - thoughts - comments?_______________________________________
I have both of the above mentioned Sigma cameras:
1.) Sigma SD1M (Merrill) DSLR
2.) Sigma SD Quattro Mirrorless
I also have another camera system - Fuji X-T2 Mirrorless Camera System.
I have been debating on selling one of the Sigma cameras, to help raise funds for (towards) - Fuji X mount lenses I would like.
If you had both - and were to consider - parting with one, just curious (I understand, this is - would be a personal decision / choice on my part), which would you part with, and why?
I might be “over-looking” some particular Pros and Cons of either camera, perhaps your comments (contributions) might add to my thought process - ideas I might have not thought of and/or actually considered?
Thanks for your time, comments, etc.
Have a nice day -
~ ~ ~…
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With the interest on tripods, I ran across this on Kickstarter and thought it may be of interest. Expected ship date is March, 2019.

No doubt about it, titanium is cool stuff…
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I recently rented an eos r, a a7iii and the fuji x-t3.. after testing all 3 I fell in love with the fuji x-t3 immediately and it allowed me to keep two of my canons. Cannot wait to dig deeper into this system. I shoot photos and videos but I mainly bought this camera for its video capabilities…
Fujifilm Finepix S5 Pro, Tamron 28-75 f2.8Please login or register to view links by Please login or register to view links, on Flickr…
$1528 body only: Please login or register to view links
$1798 body with grip: Please login or register to view links
Free shipping to USA…
At Adorama:
Please login or register to view links $1649 + $400 gift card
Please login or register to view links $1949 +$500 gift card…
Leaf in snow (not to overstate the obvious)
X-T10 + 18-55
Twig in snow, December 12th, 2018.jpg
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The red Spann Barn just west of Gunnison surrounded by morning frost.
JPEG in Provia +2 Color, then decrease Clarity in Lr 6.14 and bump Contrast.
XT2/ 18-55 at 50mm/ f8
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I'm playing around with an old M42 lens and I'm failing to get focus peaking to work. I've been in the wrench and chosen shoot without lens. And I've been in my assist and chosen red high. The only thing is I do not have the visual on my rear screen. I'm sure it's something obvious but I've watched several YT vids and I'm not seeing anything I'm missing. Help!…
started this afternoon, hope to post more as I harvest...
50R / GF45…
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Canon 5D Mark II, Carl Zeiss Biometar MC 2.8/80, ISO-100, f5.6, 1/500sec…
There are some beautiful architectures coming up in New Doha in West Bay area.............
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December light is not conducive to photography, but I decided to try the B & W profile with a red filter.
X-T1, 18-55 (55mm), ISO-800, f4, 1/30sec., JGP Br film simulation…
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