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Hi everyone!
I just became a father for the 2nd time today and I was thinking in investing on a macro lens to get those sweet details of the baby. But I've found out that I could just get a extension tube for the same purpose.
Have anyone out there used one or have any info about these extension tubes for fuji x system?
Or is my 35mm 1.4 enough?
Thanks in advance!
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Yesterday afternoon I grabbed an hour for just me, my T2 and the 35mm f1.4 and took a walk around my local lake to catch some of the autumn (fall) colours.
Billy no mates.....
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This Heron actually let me get quite close, one of those days when I should of had a longer lens on a 2nd body - Oh well, never mind....
This tyre track had generated a small puddle, and I love the way it worked with the leaf litter near by.
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Man playing with his dogs at a beach in Victoria BC this past February. (X-T10 + 18-55)
I posted this previously but went back to the RAF to reprocess it with C1 for Fuji.
Man playing with dogs.jpg
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I just updated to Photoshop 2019 on my Windows 10 system. There seem to be some linkage issues with Lightroom (mostly loading images from LR to PS), but my major concern is that NIK is not available. Does anyone know if NIK is not supported with 2019 or do I need to do something to reload it? Thanks…
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Just finished putting this website together Please login or register to view links this past weekend. It features life around the streets of King and Main, the hub of most Ontario towns.
Most of the images here were shot on Fujifilm gear. The few exceptions were shot on an Olympus TG series camera…
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Sold my Nikon F6 last night and ordered my X-T3 today…
X-T2 and 55-200mm @200mm
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"Absorbed and silent"
Agra, India 2018

Fuji X-T2 + XF23mm f2 R WR
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I could get a x100t for my 14 mm. as for lens, I have the 10-24 , 16 mm , 23 f 1.4. in the wide range. I dont know much about the x100 and wonder if i should go for it ?
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Simple rules:
Images must be made with a Fuji camera
Image must be made with aperture set to f0.95 or wider
Post as many times as you like
Greatest total number of likes in this thread wins
Contest ends when an f0.5 lens is released for general sale…
Straight from camera, no editing. Monique.
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Has anyone updated to the recent release of Lightroom CC Classic on an older Mac?
According to <Please login or register to view links> my old 2011 iMac does not meet Adobe's system requirements for the new version, which is called "October 2018 (8.0) release".
I don't mind upgrading my OS from El Capitan to Sierra, or High Sierra, but I can't upgrade the graphics card on my model of iMac.
On the other hand, I have been using Lightroom without problems for a couple of years, and my graphics card does not meet their current system requirements, either…
Hey guys, I’m loving the X-T3 so far and planning to pick up a second one when funds allow. But for now I need a second x mount body that I can use for some B-roll and time lapses, but I want it to be as cheap and small as possible.
-Shoots at least 1080/30
-has remote shutter release port for intervalometer
Would also like it to have an external mic input, but this isn’t a hard requirement.
What older/lower end bodies meet these needs? I don’t know the full Fuji lineup or history very well. I plan on buying used if it makes a difference…
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Can the CP-W126 adapter be connected to the wall wart that comes with the X-T3's battery grip?
Thanks in advance folks!…
I have a new X-a3. I'm still learning about photography and my camera. I bought a great zoom and adaptor, but can't get my camera to work with them. Any suggestions…
Another waterfall from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This one has many stair steps over several hundred feet.
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Messing around with X-T2 and 56 at sunset. 1/8 of a second pan to blur the scene.
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I've had my X-T3 for about three weeks now and I love it. I am having an issue. From time to time the colors in the EVF become very awkward and muted. I have to turn the camera on and off to get it back to normal. Has anyone else had a similar issue.
Another issue, it's more of a user error, is I have accidently put the camera in sport mode and my images are cropped. I accidently did this yesterday on a professional gig. I lost about three images due to the crop. I need to sit down with the manual and figure it out…
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I took this with the fujifilm macro lens on my xpro2. Focus stacking of about 6 images
bougainvillea Helicon PS small.jpg
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Hi, for X-PRO2 or X-T3, if I adapt Nikon AIS lens, do I need to configure Lens Registration (focal length, correction)? I feel it is only for M mount.
Thank you for your help
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I am really enjoying the 16 f1.4 lens, it gives a whole new world of possibilities shooting at so close
16.0 mm
SS 1/80
ISO 200
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Hi All,
Has anyone else noticed a Timestamp discrepancy with Fuji X-T3 RAW and JPG files. I just imported the RAW files from a recent trip to Santorini (Now that Lightroom supports Fuji X-T3) and note that while my JPGs have the correct Timestamp a large percentage of the RAWs do not. I am seeing RAW photos taken at 3:00pm appear in the middle of a set of shots taken at dawn of the same day!
I wonder if this is due to the delay between importing but meta-data in the file should not be impacted?
Hi everybody,
I recently purchased an X-E3 which I am enjoying learning to use.
Currently working my way through the manual and experimenting with some of the features I would not normally use.
In particular, I took a number of test shots in RAW using the Advanced Filters feature (13 - Toy Camera to Partial Color (Purple)) and the Film Simulation feature (9 - PROVIA/STANDARD to SEPIA) to see what effect they would have.
Because I am using Lightroom v4, I normally convert the RAW files to DNGs so that they can be successfully imported into Lightroom.
Before getting to the Lightroom stage, I am getting some weird behaviour with the images when viewing them ...
When I play back the 22 (13 + 9) images on the camera screen I can see the selected effect for each respective image which is fine.
However, when I view the RAW RAF images using Windows Photo Viewer, all of the effects are missing with the exception of the Advanced Filters High Key and Low Key effects and the Film Simulation ACROS, Monochrome and SEPIA effects.
After converting all the RAW RAF files to DNGs, when I view the DNGs using Photo Gallery, only the Advanced Filters High Key and Low Key effects are present.
Appreciate any feedback on the behaviour I am seeing.
Many thanks,
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My Lightroom Classic CC (Mac) just updated to 8.0 yesterday. My first attempt at processing some X-T3 raw files yielded a strange result. If I click on 'Auto' in the White Balance tool setting the image displays with a strange light green color cast. Same result with any & all X-T3 .raf files. I process other camera raw files still - Sony, Ricoh, etc. That issue does not happen when setting any of those raw files to 'Auto' WB. Only the new X-T3 files. So I don't suspect it's a LR 8.0 issue across the board.
I realize it's early in the release of LR 8.0 with X-T3 support. Wondering if anyone else has seen the same result?
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I am coming from a Nikon D810 where I am using the AF-On button a lot. Is there a comparable button on the X-T3?…
Just a simple snap taken at Dungeness Kent UK of one of the many old boats and things scattered about the beach that have just been left behind.
In the lower right of the snap you can see one of the old railway lines that were used for hauling the boats or catch up the beach.
I'm also working on a personal project called Things Left Behind and this will be one of the shots included.
X-H1, 10-24mm Lens, 1/480th @ F9, ISO-200, Handheld.
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Thank you for looking.,
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Fuji posts basic data about using the extension tubes with GFX lenses. At this time, they only include maximum magnification and minimum focusing distance. I don't understand why they don't include minimum magnification and maximum focusing distance, too, since this information would be quite useful.
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My local store, great as they are, do not stock the GFX tubes :(.
If you have the tubes and are willing to help, please add information about your lens and tube combinations and the maximum focus distance.
It doesn't need to be scientifically precise :). Just the distance to the subject when you are focused as far from the camera as possible with the tube on. We can calculate the rest…
Fuji X-T2, ISO 200, 1/125ss, aperture priority, 18-55mm lens, f 11.0 at a focal length of 18mm
Chama 424.jpg
Fuji X-T2, ISO 200, 1/140ss, aperture priority, 18-55mm lens, f 11.0 at a focal length of 18mm
Chama 427.jpg
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Hey everyone,
I just got back from a one month long overland adventrue through Central Asia. I went with an overland tour company called Oasis Overland. You can check out the trip here: Please login or register to view links
Ultimately, its a big yellow truck with about 20 other random people (half bush cmaping and half hotels). The Bishkek to Ashgabat trip is just one leg of a much longer trip which starts in Turkey and continues through Iran, Armenia etc..
It was super safe and quite amazing overall. The people there are very curious about tourist and extremely welcoming and freindly. It was also incredibly cheap. I would recommend travelling Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan for sure.
Here are a couple of photos but I have posted the rest on my website if you are interested.
Helpful Tip for editing: I tried to use a consistent editing style ..which is something I struggle with. I found some fantastic youtube videos of people who are showing you how to edit like other amazing photographers check these guys out: Please login or register to view links AND Please login or register to view links
My Central Asia Gallery: Please login or register to view links
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Viewed from the Ryebeck Countryhouse & Restaurant, Bowness on Windermere, UK.
X-T1, 35mm f2. 1/640 @ f5.6 ISO500.
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Shilin Shennong Temple
Taipei, Taiwan…
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